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Proudly Australian, Sonic HealthPlus is now the largest provider of corporate medicine in the country.

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Due to the changes implemented by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, we are required to check that all prospective employees have a valid visa or Australian citizenship prior to commencing work within Australia. If you do not have the appropriate citizenship, residency or work visa, any offer of employment will be subject to the appropriate work visa being granted prior to commencing work. Please advise which of the following applies to you:

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Note: The information required for this step is collected for Equity purposes only. If you do not wish to disclose any information, please select "I do not want to provide this information".

At Sonic HealthPlus we offer a positive workplace culture, close team networks and a supportive work environment. We encourage our employees to have an enjoyable and rewarding career with an Equal Opportunity Employer, that values and encourages social and cultural diversity. This said, we would appreciate you providing us with information which we collect for reporting purposes related to diversity management.

Any information that you voluntarily provide below will not be used other than for the purposes set out above. In particular, the information will not be used in the selection process relating to the position for which you have applied or the terms of which employment is offered to the successful applicant.

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