Executive Health Management

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Our Services

Executive Health Management is vital to those staff who are faced with increased mental and physical pressures such as international travel, critical deadlines and very busy lifestyles.

More often than not, they don’t have the time to pause and consider their own health, wellness and longevity.

What would happen if one of your executive staff members was to fall sick, or could no longer perform their role?

Executive Health Evaluations (EHEs) are designed to cater for the unique needs and requirements of staff, stimulate thought about their health, and identify areas where action may be needed.

What is an EHE?

EHEs focus on screening participants for health risks and morbidities, creating strategies to reduce or eliminate potential risks. There are three tiers of EHE: Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond. Each of these tiers include a comprehensive medical, fitness and lifestyle assessment, evaluation of overall health status and practical advice to ensure long-term health and wellness can be achieved.

EHEs are conducted by Sonic HealthPlus’ team of qualified medical professionals including specially trained Doctors, Exercise Physiologists and Clinic staff. The evaluation normally takes 60 to 180 minutes and is carried out in comfortable surroundings by friendly, efficient medical staff who realise time is important to their valued clients. EHEs can be conducted at any of our national CBD Clinics.

What type of results can an EHE client expect?

Once an EHE has been completed, the Doctor, Exercise Physiologist and Clinic Staff will provide the individual with a detailed report. This report will include information regarding blood tests, blood pressure, lung function, body composition, fitness, diet and lifestyle. The report is developed to encourage measurement and monitoring of results over the longer-term, and provide advice and recommendations on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

EHE Confidentiality

All information obtained during an EHE, including medical history and test results, is strictly confidential and cannot be accessed by anyone outside Sonic HealthPlus. Written permission from participants is required before releasing information to outside sources, including to the individual’s employer.


We offer three tiers of Executive Health Evaluation: Ruby Sapphire Diamond
Duration (mins) 60min 120min 160 – 180min
Pre appointment pathology with a Sonic HealthPlus Clinic      
Lipid Profile (Total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides) Fasting Glucose
MBA20 (Kidney and Liver Function)
Full Blood Count  
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) – Male
Ferritin – Female
Faecal occult test   
Thyroid Function (TSH) Testosterone – Male only RBC Folate/B12    
Pre Medical questionnaire
Medical consultation (mins) 30min 45 – 60min 60min
Physical Examination
Skin Cancer check
Discussion of results
Physiological Testing (mins) 30min 60min 90min
Height, Weight, BMI, girths, % body fat
Blood Pressure, Resting Heart rate
Lower Back/Hamstring Flexibility  
Abdominal strength/Abdominal endurance  
Upper Limb strength    
Lifestyle Counselling 
Cardiac and Fitness Testing      
Resting ECG
Stress ECG – Treadmill  
Comprehensive report (emailed or posted)