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Mental Health Awareness Seminar

Delivery Mode

Corporate Training


4 hours

Course Content

The Mental Health Awareness four-hour seminar aims to increase participant’s understanding of four areas of mental illness (depression, anxiety, psychosis and substance abuse). This, in turn, will reduce any fear or stigma that may surround mental illness, thus providing attendees with “First Aid” skills to assist persons experiencing a mental health problem prior to professional help being sought.

Mental Health Awareness also aims to provide skills and confidence to staff to equip them to be able to more effectively manage clients, as well as to implement a Mental Health First Aid Action Plan. The Mental Health Awareness course does not seek to provide participants with counselling or therapy qualifications; but will clarify the distinctive difference between the roles of practicing Mental Health First Aid versus that of the medical professional.

There will be opportunity to ask questions and clarify information in relation to mental health issues in your own workplace.

Course Structure

Participants will address the following in this training:

  • Introduction to Mental Health First Aid intervention
  • Introduction to Mental Health Problems
    o  Depression
    o  Symptoms and causes
    o  Suicidal behaviour
    o  Critical first aid for suicidal behaviour
    o  Treatment and resources

  • Psychosis
    o  Symptom and causes
    o  Treatment and resources
    o  Crisis First Aid for acute psychosis

  • Anxiety Disorders
    o  Symptom and causes
    o  Treatment and resources

  • Substance use disorders
    o  Symptoms, causes and treatment

  • Depending on the time remaining, the following crisis first aid situations will be discussed
    o  Crisis First Aid for panic attacks
    o  Crisis First Aid for acute stress reaction
    o  Crisis First Aid for overdose

Upon completion of this session, participants will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance – Mental Health Awareness Seminar