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Personal Stress Management

Delivery Mode

Online Training


Online $40 + GST


2 hours

Course Content

We have all experienced stress at some point in our lives, whether it be related to home life or work. Knowing what causes stress for you can help you cope with it better and provide mental and emotional relief. A little bit of stress is a good thing; it can provide motivation and drive us to achieve high. However, when you are consistently stressed, it affects your perception, sleep and we tend to physically hold it in our bodies, leading to serious medical illnesses and anxiety disorders.

In this training package, you will be asked to complete some self-reflective activities. They will help you figure out your areas of stress and how you can change your responses to them. Everything you enter in the self-reflective activities is confidential. This course cannot replace the work of a counsellor or therapist, it simply helps you to recognise, understand and manage your daily stress. It will help you gain more control and give you the knowledge and skills to make healthy changes in your lifestyle to combat high stress levels.

Course Structure

Participants will address the following in this training:

  • Definitions of stress
  • Individual levels of stress
  • Effects of stress
  • Managing stress – exercise, nutrition, social support, sleep, relaxation
  • Making changes to reduce stress – time management, assertive communication and goal setting

Upon completion of this session, participants will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance – Personal Stress Management.