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Sonic HealthPlus is Australia’s leading provider of occupational healthcare and general medical services. Backed by Sonic Healthcare, Sonic HealthPlus is a truly national company with wholly owned clinics operating in metropolitan, regional and remote locations across the country.

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What is Occupational Medicine?

Occupational Medicine is the branch of medicine that focuses on health in the workplace, including the prevention and treatment of injury, illness and disease. Occupational Physicians apply their medical knowledge to the maintenance of good health whilst we work.

As specialists in workplace health, Occupational Physicians have a broad background not only in general medicine but also in specific workplace health issues including ergonomics and toxicology, translating this knowledge to the tasks performed in the workplace, as well as the environment we work in.

Whilst Occupational Physicians are concerned with the health of individuals, they also work closely with employers to get the best outcome for companies and institutions. Their clinical judgement takes into account the clinical, psycho-social and economic impacts that injury and sickness absences have on the individual as well as on the workplace. They are concerned not only with the health of individuals, but of the working population.

At Sonic HealthPlus, our Occupational Physicians underpin our service delivery model. They are supported by a network of Occupational Doctors who understand the importance of keeping your workforce safe and healthy.

When to use an Occupational Health Clinic

The key advantage of an Occupational Doctor is that they understand the workplace and the health and safety framework you are working within. Lost time at work is estimated to cost the Australian economy over $60 billion a year*. At Sonic HealthPlus, our occupational physicians, doctors and medical professionals work with you and your organisation to minimise the impact of lost time at work due to injury and illness.

Our comprehensive suite of services are geared towards keeping your workforce safe, healthy and productive. We offer employment and health surveillance medicals, audiometry testing, drug and alcohol screening and injury management services in our clinics and on-site at your location. We also have a range of preventative and education services that can be delivered on-site or in-clinic to support your workforce.

Our range of doctors and healthcare professionals are available to visit your business to discuss your unique workplace requirements and how they affect the health and wellbeing of your employees.

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