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How much sun do you get at work?
Tuesday, 29 Oct 2019

As the major cause of skin cancer in Australia, UV radiation is a workplace hazard.  It’s important to assess whether your business has acceptable levels of UV exposure as a health and safety risk, to ensure your duty of care to employees.

Are you getting your Vitamin D?
Tuesday, 29 Oct 2019

Over 30% of Australians have mild, moderate or severe vitamin D deficiency. It’s a hormone that controls calcium levels in the blood and is important to ensure strong bones and muscles, and is essential to maintaining overall health.

Sunscreen is all you need to prevent sunburn... right?
Tuesday, 29 Oct 2019

Data suggests that more than 2.7 million Australian adults are getting sunburnt while outdoors on weekends and we’re less likely to wear hats as part of our sun protection regime. As a result, cases of sunburn to the face, head, nose and ears is increasing.

Simple tips to maintain your health this winter
Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019
It can often be a challenge to stay healthy during the winter months.  The temperature drops, viruses seem to pop up everywhere and we tend to move less and crave more comfort food.  Try our simple tips to maintain your health this winter.
Men's Health: Staying Healthy throughout every decade
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
It's important to remain healthy (or keep the men in your life healthy) throughout every decade of your life.  Here's our top health issues for men to focus on, each year of their life.