Given the recent cluster of COVID-19 cases in the Northern Beaches area of NSW, we have decided to suspend spirometry and saliva (oral fluid) drug testing services from Tuesday December 22nd until further notice, within Sonic HealthPlus NSW clinics.

What does this mean for candidates in NSW?

Medicals wherein spirometry is a mandatory component (including legislative medicals such as NSW Coal Board medicals) can still be completed without the spirometry component. The Sonic HealthPlus results management team will keep a record of all candidates for whom the spirometry component requires completion at a later date when it is once again safe to perform.

Where medicals typically require saliva drug testing, clients will be consulted at the time of booking and can elect whether this service is similarly completed at a later stage or that an Instant Urine Drug Test is performed in its place.  Once again, the Sonic HealthPlus clinic results management team will maintain a record of those candidates needing the saliva drug Testing component to be performed at a later date should the client requires this.

We would like to assure our clients that we are monitoring the situation very closely and continually developing clinical protocols within our clinics that assist in protecting our staff, patients, clients and local communities. Should you require further information or have questions concerning COVID-19, please contact your Sonic HealthPlus Client Partner or a member of the Pandemic Preparedness Team.

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