Having experienced and qualified medical personnel on site is key to ensuring the safety of employees and mitigating business risk. Discover the 5 reasons why arranging onsite medical personnel can help to protect your staff and safeguard your site. 

1. Onsite medical personanel support health and safety compliance. 

Having paramedics, nurses and other medical staff available onsite is a matter of compliance for some industries, including many sites operating in oil, mining and gas. Such sites present inherently hazardous environments and having medical staff on hand will allow you to maintain site health and provide immediate care to staff members in case of accident or injury. 

In cases of injury, fast access to medical care and triaging will ensure your employees are immediately set on the path to recovery and protect your business from the legal issues associated with workplace injury mismanagement.

2. Access to an independent, delineated medical team. 

Providing a medical team that is independent from the company means assuring quality care and minimising the liability exposure of the business, which can be especially important on unionised sites. Trained medical personnel can augment your team to provide the highest standard of care to your employees and risk mitigation for the business.

3. Medical personnel bring experience in onsite medical care. 

Sourcing experienced medical personnel for onsite medical care means that your employees are being taken care of by a highly qualified team with extensive experience in delivering onsite medical care. 

Onsite medical personnel services will provide you with staff who have the required training and certifications for various industry-specific projects. These team members will be accustomed to working across a variety of locations including regional, remote and offshore projects and can readily be deployed in full-time, part-time, casual or relief roles.

4. Access to quality medical staff in-metro and remotely. 

No matter where your site is, access trained, professional medical staff to fill roles both in-metro and remotely. 

Quality medical staff is key on sites that are located in remote areas, where access to in-clinic medical services can be limited. Having medical staff on site allows for immediate care, quicker assessment and treatment.

5. Onsite health training and courses. 

Onsite medical personnel services have staff who specialise in a broad range of relevant services, from preventative health and safety training and other services relating to lowering the instances of workplace injury. When you bring on medical personnel through a service, you are accessing experienced staff members with a range of relevant skills allowing you to fill multiple roles on your site with an experienced staff member.  Having staff members with training experience means who can augment health and safety training programs. From manual handling to drug and alcohol awareness training, onsite medical personnel can ensure the success of your onsite medical programs. 

The Sonic Health Plus onsite medical personnel have the experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver the highest standard of onsite care. Get in touch today to learn more.

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