Occupational Health Services

Focussing only on occupational health, Sonic HealthPlus Adelaide is equipped in dealing with all requirements of the workers and businesses in the Adelaide CBD. Our experienced team provides a large range of services including:

Executive Health Evaluations
In today’s stressful and demanding business environment, looking after your executive staff is paramount. To ensure the ongoing health and wellness of your staff, Sonic HealthPlus Adelaide offers specialist executive health evaluations (EHEs). EHEs are designed to cater for the unique needs and requirements of staff, stimulate thought about their health, and identify areas where action may be needed.

Injury Management and Prevention
Injured workers have immediate access to a range of medical personnel to ensure an integrated and prompt recovery with optimal outcomes for both the employee and employer. Our doctors work alongside allied health professionals and are experts in treating and returning injured workers back to the workplace as soon as it is safe to do so.

Employment Medicals
Employment medicals are performed to ensure an employee is fit to work in a specific environment. This comprehensive medical ensures the employee can fulfil the requirements of the role and will identify and protect the employee from potentially harmful work environments.

Drug and Alcohol Testing
Drug and alcohol testing has been shown to improve productivity, reduce produce and service defects and help employers support workers who struggle with substance abuse.

Specialised Medicals
Our doctors have completed additional comprehensive training which allows them to perform specialised medicals including:

  • OGUK Medicals
  • Rail Medicals
  • AMSA Medicals
  • Belgian Maritime Medicals

Safe and efficient, immunisations are a significant health intervention against preventable disease. Sonic HealthPlus provides a range of immunisations including influenza, childhood immunisations, tetanus and hepatitis.

Skin Screening
Our doctors are trained in the diagnosis and management of skin problems including skin cancers. An initial appointment with one of our doctors is required prior to any treatment plan.

We provide manual therapies and exercise programs to treat musculoskeletal injuries such as sports injuries and back pain, and movement disorders such as those following a workplace injury. A musculoskeletal assessment provides an evaluation of the condition and function of a worker's musculoskeletal health, lifting capabilities and any injuries that may impact on their ability to safely perform the inherent requirements of their job.


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