ALERT: If you have a fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath and you have travelled, please contacts us via phone prior to making a booking of visiting any of our clinics.


Plus Community

Plus Community allows us to give a little extra support to establish or build-upon grass root initiatives that positively impact the communities around us. Initiatives can range from anything to everything, as long as they demonstrate one of the following:

How it works

  1. Every quarter we will give back to three charities in the Pilbara Region.
  2. Each charity will have a jar in each of our Pilbara clinics for the quarter.
  3. On each visit, GP patients will receive a token.
  4. Patients use this token to vote for their favourite organisation.

At the end of each quarter we count the tokens in each jar and $300.00 goes to the winner, with $100.00 going to the two runners up.

Get Involved

If you are interested in submitting your charity or community group for inclusion in the Plus Community initiative, please visit to read the terms and conditions and complete the application form.

View Terms and Conditions

The Charities

Our three current charities or community groups are:

Empowering People In Communities

EPIC stands for Empowering People in Communities. EPIC supports many people to live a more connected life. Their free community services include disability services, parenting support and assisting local job-seekers in need through the Career Centre. These programs take place across the Pilbara.

Their objectives are to put the donation back into the Pilbara community in reserve for their inclusive community events and programs, especially for individuals living with disabilities.

Newman Gymnastics Club

Newman Gymnastics Club are a local group re-starting the local gymnastics club in Newman. They’re aiming to accept as many children aged 5-17 as they are able to, to see gymnastics back in Newman.

Through Plus Community, they are looking for donations to set up the Club and to purchase equipment to help the students when they are up and running.

SAFE Karratha

SAFE Karratha (Saving Animals from Euthanasia) are an animal rescue charity located in Karratha. They save approximately 500 local animals every year.

Their objectives are to save homeless pets from unnecessary euthanasia by fostering, desexing and permanently re-homing them. Through Plus Community, they aim to pay vet bills for their rescued animals.