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Occupational Health Services

Sonic HealthPlus Rockingham provides a range of occupational health services for many different industries. In particular, our clinic provides the following specialised and unique medicals:

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Medicals
To deliver these medicals, doctors are required online training through AMSA. Dr Fraser Barrie, Dr Karen Hill and Dr Robert Marsh are all certified to complete these medicals. These medicals are used to determine a person’s suitability for a role and fitness for working at sea. Sonic HealthPlus Rockingham, on behalf of AMSA, coordinates and administers all AMSA medical examinations leading to the issue of a Certificate of Medical Fitness under Marine Orders Part 9.

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) Medicals
Trainees require helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) medicals before performing a course. This course teaches skills and includes a theory component to improve an individual’s chance of surviving a helicopter ditching in water.

UK Oil and Gas Medicals
Dr Fi Ronsberg has completed training on location in Aberdeen in Scotland to deliver these medicals. These medicals are required for people working on oil and gas vessels and platforms in the United Kingdom.

Sonic HealthPlus Rockingham also offers the following occupational health services:

Drug and Alcohol Testing
Drug and Alcohol testing has been shown to improve productivity, reduce product and service defects and help employers support works who struggle with substance abuse.

Injury Management
Injured workers will have immediate access to a range of medical personnel, to ensure an integrated and prompt recovery with optimal outcomes for both the employee and employer. Our doctors work alongside allied health professionals and are experts in treating and returning injured workers back to the workplace as soon as it is safe to do so.

Medical Assessments
Medical assessments are completed to ensure an employee is fit to work in a specific environment. This comprehensive medical ensures the employee can fulfil the requirements of a role and will identify and protect the employee from potentially harmful work environments.

Onsite Medical Services
Our onsite services team are specially trained to understand the complexities of delivering onsite health services in all kinds of challenging environments ranging from large-scale infrastructure projects and remote mine sites to central city offices and regional communities.

Training and education
As a registered training organisation, we are qualified to provide a variety of accredited and non-accredited courses.

Travel Medicine
In partnership with one of the country’s largest travel medicine providers, Travelvax, we can provide you and your workforce with a full range of travel vaccinations, travel accessories and travel health plans. Our clinic is government accredited to provide yellow fever vaccinations. We can provide you with a range of vaccines, including the yellow fever vaccine, and international certificate of vaccination in accordance with international health regulations.

Contact our clinic to discuss your needs and arrange an appointment with the right doctor for your Occupational Health requirements.

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