South Hedland

Our Team

The team at Sonic HealthPlus South Hedland each have our own roles within the clinic, however we all work together to provide a holistic healthcare service to our community. As a comprehensive medical clinic our team members work in the field of medicine they are most passionate about. This combination of collaborative teamwork and treatment by skilled medical professionals ensures our patients receive a high quality standard of care each time they visit our clinic.

Dr Kesego Mosele

Medical Practitioner

Dr Kesego Mosele’s skills are wide ranging and encompass women’s and men’s health, pediatrics and performing minor surgery within the clinic. Dr Mosele joined the Sonic HealthPlus team in January 2015 and has a special interest in mental health wellbeing and management.

Dr Ashley Sood

General Practitioner

Dr Sood graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Aberdeen, UK in 2008 after completing her undergraduate degree in Diagnostic Radiography with BSc (Hons) in 2003. She then completed her GP Fellowship with the Royall Australian College of General Practitioners in 2017.

In General Practice, she has worked in a variety of clinical settings from suburban to rural areas in NSW, NT, QLD and WA. As a GP, her main interests are family medicine, occupational health, indigenous health, remote and rural medicine, acute care, paediatrics, mental health and chronic disease management.

Prior to working in general practice, Dr Sood worked for several years in hospital medicine – including emergency, critical care/ICU, general medicine, infectious disease, stroke unit, GI Unit, general surgery and mental health.

Jo Potts

Practice Manager

Jo Potts is the Sonic HealthPlus South Hedland clinic manager. She has over 15 years’ experience working within general practice medicine and has been with Sonic HealthPlus since our founding date; March 2002.

Jo has a strong focus on customer service and is community orientated. She leads her team by fostering a caring, holistic environment for both staff and patients. Jo has been qualified as an audiometric officer and is currently NATA accredited for drug screening. Jo has seen Sonic HealthPlus South Hedland through the relocation into a new purpose-built facility and our win in the 2016 Port Hedland Business of the Year awards.

GP Administration Team

The GP administrative team at Sonic HealthPlus South Hedland have over 15 years’ experience in occupational healthcare administration. Highly knowledgeable in our clinic and the services we provide, our administration team are the friendly first point of contact for you at our clinic.

Occupational Health Team

Sonic HealthPlus South Hedland has three occupational health technicians who assist our doctors in the delivery of our services. Experienced and passionate in worker/workplace health care, our occupational health technicians enjoy the variety in their work and building lasting relationships with patients and businesses.