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Arundel Clinic moving into Southport Clinic

Tuesday, 24 February 2015
Arundel Clinic moving into Southport Clinic

We are pleased to announce that as of Monday, 02 March 2015 our Arundel Clinic will have moved into our Southport Clinic located at Level 1, 128 Queen Street, Southport, Queensland.

To facilitate the move, the Arundel Clinic will close its doors for one day on Friday, 27 February 2015.

The move will allow the clinic to continue to deliver the same great service from a larger, more welcoming location.  Other benefits of the move are:

  • Access to a larger team including a fulltime nurse and more doctors including an Occupational Physician
  • Planned expansion of services to include travel medicine
  • Onsite XRAY and MRI facilities.

To ensure a smooth transition, all pre-existing appointments and medical records will be transferred across to the new location. 

The Southport Clinic is located in the CBD area of Southport and offers easy access parking under the building in the Queensland X-Ray patient parking bays.

Once settled into the new space, the team will look for an opportunity to ask our customers around to celebrate and meet the rest of the team members.