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Expeditionary Healthcare

Monday, 17 March 2014
Expeditionary Healthcare

For those of you who are familiar with Sonic HealthPlus (SHP), you would know we are a proudly Australian owned and operated company and are experts in the field of occupational health and general medicine.  We’ve been providing services such as these for over 50 years and along the way have developed a national footprint of over 35 medical centres, as well as numerous onsite operations.  But we’re not just big in size.  We’re also big on doing things properly.  For example, our growing network is supported by strict clinical governance procedures and processes, formulated by a Sonic HealthPlus team comprising expert medical practitioners and allied health professionals, and audited by a number of external, independent authorities. We do things well, not just because we want to ensure high-quality and reliable results each and every time, but because we think we have a responsibility to set the benchmark in how things should be done.

One of the outcomes of our commitment to “best practice” clinical medicine has been increased demand for the SHP standard-of-care to be delivered outside of the clinic environment.  Many of our clients are already operating, or venturing into new frontiers where everyday medical services aren’t easily accessed.  In order to ensure their people have the best healthcare available in these circumstances, these clients are turning to someone they can trust to provide a complete, integrated, best practice healthcare solution - with minimum fuss.

To meet this demand, we offer a range of services that fall into the category of what we call “Expeditionary Healthcare”.  Expeditionary Healthcare is the provision of medical services in remote or logistically challenging locations or situations, usually beyond the reach of the traditional clinical setting.  

Expeditionary Healthcare is one of our fastest growing service streams with customers requesting tailored packages across a range of industries and government settings.  Already, we provide Expeditionary Healthcare to some of the largest and most remote projects and government activities in the country.  But what really sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to adapt our clinic-based expertise, protocols and processes to a remote (often inhospitable) location. Clients and patients, alike, remark that they experience the same level of care and attention – if not better – in our remote clinics as they receive at home.  And that’s just music to our ears.

If you would like to learn more about SHP Expeditionary Healthcare, please don’t hesitate to contact our Site Services team on 1300 793 004 or email site.services@sonichealthplus.com.au.