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Sonic HealthPlus secures Medibank’s Workplace Health and Travel Doctor - TMVC businesses

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Sonic HealthPlus is delighted to announce that we have signed agreements to acquire Medibank’s Workplace Health (WPH) and Travel Doctor - TMVC businesses.

The announcement means that when combined with their existing clinical network, Sonic HealthPlus will operate and manage the largest wholly-owned medical network and business of this type in Australia with a total of 48 clinical locations.

Sonic HealthPlus Chief Executive Officer, Greg Hutchinson, said the integration of Workplace Health and Travel Doctor-TMVC, is a logical fit with current Sonic HealthPlus services and will greatly improve the reach and accessibility of these services.

“Medibank has developed two strong businesses and we are delighted to be able to assume responsibility for them going forward,” Mr Hutchinson said.

“We are keen to build these services and increase the accessibility of these services for our corporate, government and retail clients. They align perfectly with our aim to operate the widest and most convenient network of specialist services in Australia.

“There is an obvious opportunity for integration with our existing capabilities in these areas, meaning clients will have greatly improved access to stronger specialist services,’ Mr Hutchinson said.

Workplace Health provides innovative and cost-effective services across the full spectrum of workplace health needs to some of Australia’s largest organisations. These range from pre-employment medical examinations, occupational health consulting and injury prevention to providing mental health services and rehabilitation programs, delivered through an extensive national footprint.

Travel Doctor-TMVC is one of Australia’s leading providers of vaccinations and travel health services to both retail and corporate customers and counts government agencies, departments and international aid organisations amongst its major clients. It owns and operates six wholly-owned clinics in Australia alongside long-standing relationships with seven associated licensee clinics.

Medibank Chief Operating Officer, David Koczkar, said that Workplace Health and Travel Doctor-TMVC had grown as part of Medibank’s commitment to provide better health solutions to the community and that under Sonic HealthPlus they would be well placed to further develop and grow.

“Since their inception over 25 years ago, Workplace Health and Travel Doctor-TMVC have established solid reputations for providing their respective clients access to the highest quality work place health and travel related specialist medical services. Although each business has built itself a solid foundation, under Sonic HealthPlus they will have better access to the additional support, focus, and expertise required to continue to grow to their full potential,” Mr Koczkar said.

Medibank and Sonic HealthPlus will work together closely to identify suitable date(s) for the transfer of the businesses and to support employees during the transition process.

Sonic HealthPlus will merge Travel Doctor-TMVC and Workplace Health with their existing clinical network and specialist medical services business. As a result, eight Workplace Health clinics will close and their associated clients transfer to existing Sonic HealthPlus clinics.