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Sonic HealthPlus is uniquely positioned to support your business and employees through the COVID-19 pandemic, which is fast developing and ever changing. Being agile in preparing and managing your business during a pandemic is essential to ensure business continuity and minimal impact.

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At the onset of COVID-19, Sonic HealthPlus coordinated a dedicated Pandemic Preparedness team, whose sole focus is remaining fully conversant with the latest COVID-19 related movements including; state and federal government information and advice, medical recommendations, restrictions, testing services and applicable policies and procedures.

The Pandemic Preparedness team comprises Occupational Physicians, Experts in Public Health and Tropical (Travel) Medicine, corporate health doctors, general practitioners, clinical governance leaders and business strategy experts, who in addition to being subject matter experts in their relevant fields, also have extensive knowledge and experience in occupational medicine and the significant impacts a pandemic like COVID-19 can have on business.

Sonic HealthPlus has relied on the expertise of the Pandemic Preparedness team to create and implement the COVID-19 medical and support services offered by Sonic HealthPlus to ensure our clients have access to robust, efficient and up-to-date solutions in COVID-19 education, prevention, risk mitigation, strategy and management in the workplace.

Sonic HealthPlus has the ability to successfully support your business through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 UPDATE: All persons attending a medical appointment at a Sonic HealthPlus clinic will be required to complete a COVID-19 Triage Assessment form. If you are not vaccinated or fully vaccinated, we will need to undertake a risk assessment, which may include Rapid Antigen Testing.

Please note: Patients who attend for their medical assessment presenting with flu-like symptoms or have recently travelled from a COVID hotspot may be turned away.

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