COVID-19 Workplace Health Services

Sonic HealthPlus is uniquely positioned to support your business and employees through the COVID-19 pandemic, which is fast developing and ever changing. Being agile in preparing and managing your business during a pandemic is essential to ensure business continuity and minimal impact.

COVID-19 Medical Services
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COVID-19 Medical Services

COVID-19 Doctor Consultancy

Sonic HealthPlus Occupational Physicians or Corporate Health Doctors can be engaged to provide your company with expert consultancy advice on prevention, risk mitigation and management of COVID-19 that is tailored to your workplace. As part of the doctor consultancy service, we can provide:

  • Interactive education presentations on COVID-19 customised to your workplace including Q&A sessions
  • Prevention and mitigation strategies and procedures
  • Recommendations on testing requirements and procedures
  • Interpretation of legislative requirements and obligations applicable to your company
  • The Doctor Consultancy Service is also activated if Sonic HealthPlus is providing PCR testing for your business and a positive PCR result occurs.

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Doctor consultancy services are delivered via an initial meeting (one hour) to determine your company requirements followed by action items facilitated by the doctor including presentation creation and delivery, documentation and recommendations and any subsequent meetings.

Services can be delivered face-to-face (where available) or via video call.

Please contact us on the below contact form to see if this service is the right fit for your company.

COVID-19 Supporting Vulnerable Workers

As the COVID-19 Pandemic developed around the world it was identified that certain groups of people within the community are at higher risk of serious illness if they contract COVID-19. The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHP’s) has provided guidance to identify at risk groups within our workforce. Managing the health risks to these individuals is vitally important to maintain a healthy and productive workforce during the current pandemic.

We have developed a bespoke service that assists you to screen your workforce identifying your vulnerable workers with our Occupational Doctors providing risk mitigation strategies and advice for your business to return those workers to the workplace.

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We have a range of service delivery options for this service so please contact us on the below enquiry form so we can identify a program that best suits your business’s needs.

COVID-19 Doctor on Call (DOC)

COVID-19 Doctor on Call service provides your organisation with quick over the phone access to our expert Occupational Doctors who can provide immediate advice on managing a suspected or positive case within the workplace and discuss control measures to activate in order to reduce the spread of infection within the workplace. Our Doctors are uniquely placed to provide expert advice on the impact of COVID-19 within the workplace as they are informed by our dedicated Pandemic Preparedness team.

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The hotline will be available between 8am AEST and 7pm AEST, business days. This service is charged on a retainer based model. Contact us on the below enquiry form for more detailed information on this service.

COVID-19 Video Screening Consultations

Our experienced team of Occupational Health Doctors are available for telehealth consultations, providing convenient access to medical advice for your workforce. The service consists of a 10 minute video consultation with a Doctor who will work through a clinical questionnaire with the individual, providing advice and reassurance for those staff that need it.

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Sonic HealthPlus has developed a COVID-19 video screening consultation used to identify ‘at risk’ individuals, which is facilitated remotely with a Sonic HealthPlus Doctor. The service consists of a 10 minute video consultation with a Doctor who will work through a clinical questionnaire with the individual.

If required the Sonic HealthPlus Doctor will provide the individual with an information fact sheet regarding self-isolation and personal protective equipment (PPE) and direct them to appropriate testing facilities.

Doctors will be able to reassure staff of appropriate hygiene and social distancing practices where testing and self-isolation are not required.

COVID-19 Rapid Response Service

This service activates a Rapid Response Team in the event a positive PCR is returned at the workplace. In consultation with Public Health, this service may include:

  • Mobilisation of SHP Rapid Response Medical Team;
  • Consultation with relevant Public Health unit;
  • Immediate advice around workforce management;
  • Contact Tracing, where required; and
  • On-location/offsite screening of contacts, including casual contacts

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These teams deploy within 24 hours of a positive PCR notification and provide advice and support to your organisation. Talk to our client partner team today about a tailored solution to support your business needs.

COVID-19 International Deployment Services

For some organisations, the requirement to deploy staff internationally remains. Additional visa requirements add complexity, however Sonic HealthPlus is ideally positioned to support your organisation.  Our Travel Doctor-TMVC Clinicians are experts in Travel Medicine and have formed a pivotal role in our Pandemic Preparedness team; keeping our staff up-to-date with the global impacts of the disease and the health mitigation strategies. Our international deployment services include

  • COVID health questionnaire
  • A travel health assessment
  • Provision of any required vaccinations and medication prescriptions for the duration of their deployment
  • Travel education including COVID-19 risk mitigation information tailored to the destination
  • Certification issued to meet country and airline requirements.

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Clients will need to provide documented evidence outlining their visa entry requirements for their staff to Sonic HealthPlus to ensure our clinicians meet all of the required guidelines. This documentation needs to be on the government’s letterhead, or official correspondence from the consular or international government department.

COVID-19 Workplace Screening Services

Sonic HealthPlus has provided workplace screening to a number of organisations. Workplace screening may include a clinical questionnaire and temperature recording for each staff member prior to entering the workplace, and in some cases PCR testing of workers may also be recommended. Positive results to initial screening will prompt the Sonic HealthPlus Medical Screener to provide the individual with an information fact sheet regarding self-isolation and personal protective equipment (PPE) i.e. mask to wear.

Questionnaires can be completed in the hours before the Medical Screener attends your worksite for more efficient screening. Over the course of the screening session a Doctor on Call service will be available to answer any questions.

COVID-19 Workplace Education

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop, our Doctors can provide interactive workplace education sessions customised to your workplace and workforce. Presentations include a Q&A session open to your employees and can be a great way to reassure staff and reinforce the importance of social distancing practices in the current environment. As advice and strategies develop on managing this disease, it can be a great way to keep your staff up-to-date.

Pandemic Plan Development

Does your pandemic plan reflect the current state of the virus outbreak in Australia? Our Doctors will assess your business’ operations, job roles, needs and impact on community to guide your organisation in creating a plan that is tailored to your company during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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