Psychologist Services

Our psychologists are mental health professionals who have specific expertise and knowledge of the workplace.

They understand the demands of specific jobs and the associated health risks, which may impact on an individual’s ability to meet the requirement of a particular job. Our team are able to assess how medical conditions, diseases, illnesses and injuries may affect an individual’s ability to function both at work and in normal daily activities.

Clinical and Cognitive Functioning Fitness for Duty Assessment

Assessments can range from being a relatively brief assessment to determine whether or not an individual may undertake specified alternative duties or whether they may safely return to work following an event, through to a detailed assessment which may include comprehensive cognitive and psychometric testing. Fitness for duty assessments seek to:

  • Assess symptoms and an employee’s fitness for continued duty
  • Review effectiveness of existing treatment regimens and provide advice on future treatments needed
  • Indicate diagnosis and prognosis
  • Assess return to work prospects
  • Assess symptoms and an employee’s fitness for continued duty
  • Review effectiveness of existing treatment regimens and provide advice on future treatments needed
  • Indicate diagnosis and prognosis
  • Assess return to work prospects
Cognitive Functioning and Neuropsychology Assessment

These assessments can also be incorporated as part of a Fitness for duty assessment and provide a snapshot of current cognitive abilities including memory, attention, information processing speed, intelligence and problem solving. Cognitive and Neuropsychological assessments may be used to assist in differentiating organic brain deficits from emotionally based problems and assessing the effects of a range of conditions including dementia, brain tumour, chronic migraines, traumatic brain injury, chronic alcohol abuse, motor neurone disease and stroke. These assessments also identify strengths and weaknesses for return to work, job task, planning and can identify change in brain function overtime.

Psychological Screening Tools

Screening questionnaires can be utilised at pre-employment for job roles where there are potential psychological hazards e.g. responding to emergency situations, working with clients with high emotional needs. A combination of physical health factors, person-centred factors and social factors can affect a person’s psychological well-being and ability to be psychologically resilient to specific work demands.

Health and Wellbeing Seminars

Health and Wellbeing Seminars are delivered on-site and provide employees with an opportunity to learn more about common mental health and wellbeing issues and strategies for their improvement, community resources are also identified. Bullying and Harassment and other psychological risk issues can also be targeted. Seminars run from one to two-and-a-half hours and are presented by experienced psychologists.

Psychological Pre-Employment Assessments

The aim of a psychological pre-employment assessment is to screen for mental health symptoms or susceptibilities and ensure the applicant is psychologically capable of carrying out the inherent and essential demands of the job. It may also help determine if the applicant has a history of mental health issues that may be exacerbated by the duties of a particular position.

Our pre-employment assessments are designed to add value to recruitment and selection decision-making and to support employers in managing the health of their workforce.

By helping create a safer work environment, effective pre-employment assessments can minimise legal and Work Health and Safety risks, and assist employers to discharge their duty of care, whilst having regard to their obligations under anti-discrimination legislation.

Pre-employment assessments consider the unique psycho-social demands of role, including:

  • Exposure to risky or dangerous environments / weapon use;
  • Working in isolation/ part of a team;
  • Exposure to explicit content or material;
  • Access to confidential materials and/or information; and
  • Excess travel required.

Flow-on benefits from the effective use of pre-employment assessments may include reduced absenteeism and turnover, decreased training costs, decreased risk of psychological injury, and reduced compensation claims and associated costs.

Psychological pre-employment assessments typically consistent of psychometric testing (relevant to the role), as well as a clinical interview, which will assess the applicant's:

  • Personal History
  • Family History
  • Educational History
  • Ability to cope in a range of unique and challenging situations

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