Corporate Health and Wellness Programs

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Our Services

With people spending an increasing amount of time at work, be it inside an office or out onsite, implementing Corporate Health and Wellness Programs for the workplace has become an important reality for any employer looking to keep their team happy, healthy and productive.

To assist with this, we employ a range of experienced Health and Wellness Professionals who are passionate about developing tailored, targeted and meaningful corproate health and wellness programs to improve and protect the health of a workforce. 

Recent research into this field has revealed that workplace health promotion is positively impacting the bottom line, showing it’s more cost-effective to invest in preventative health practices such as screenings, immunisations, fitness tests and health education, rather than spending resources exclusively on the small minority of employees who require post-illness or injury treatment. 

Some of the Corporate Health and Wellness Programs we provide include:

  • Fitness Programs: with a focus on education, these programs are specially designed to provide workers with the tools and information to keep fit at work. Our Fitness Programs can provide one-off education material or span over a set period of time to measure progress and improvement.

  • Weight Loss Programs: maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult, especially if a worker is sitting at a desk for long period of time or working onsite where access to healthy food and exercise can be limited. Our Weight Loss Programs are built on a cycle of assessments, goal setting, diet panning, exercise planning, motivation and support, monitoring progress and reassessment. 

  • Mental Health Programs: creating a mentally healthy workplace is beneficial to everyone. It promotes a positive workplace culture, minimises workplace risks related to mental health and supports people with mental health conditions. Our Mental Health Programs provide a variety of tools, resources and activities to help educate, support, prevent and manage mental health in the workplace.

  • Periodic Health Checks: to ensure your workforce are maintaining and improving their health and wellbeing, we provide Periodic Health Checks to capture important information over a period of time such as blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol, resting heart rate and blood glucose levels. Using this information, we can develop tailored Health and Wellness Programs to manage and improve upon results.

  • Health Promotion Programs: our Health Promotion Programs are built to educate people regarding important health topics such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Heat and Hydration and Sun Safely. These Programs can be developed to suit the unique environment of a workplace, run as singular modules or run as long-term health promotion calendar.

  • Workplace Challenges: workplace challenges are a great way to improve employee morale, encourage teamwork and create a happy and healthy workplace culture. Our Workplace Challenges are designed to focus on education, fitness, diet and motivation and support, with an all-important touch of competition.

  • Fatigue Management: fatigue has the ability to affect a worker’s health, increase the chance of workplace injuries and reduce performance and productivity within the workplace. To help prevent fatigue related injuries, we offer a wide range of proactive education programs and services including Fit or Fatigued Workplace Wellness Program, Health Assessments and Questionnaires, Sleep Disorders Screening, CPAP Treatment, Sleep Hygiene Assessments, One-on-One Consultation with Sleep Screener, Interactive Seminars on Risk Factors for Fatigue and Fatigue Management Training.