Sonic HealthPlus employs over 600 professionals across the country, from a wide range of backgrounds.

Regardless of where you work or what job you do, the one thing we all have in common is the want to do a great job, help out our clients, provide the best possible service and have some fun along the way.

We abide by a strong set of values which defines us as an employer and you as an employee.


Sonic HealthPlus employs over 600 professionals across the country, from a wide range of backgrounds.

Regardless of where you work or what job you do, the one thing we all have in common is the want to do a great job, help out our clients, provide the best possible service and have some fun along the way.

We abide by a strong set of values which defines us as an employer and you as an employee.

Sonic HealthPlus as an Employer

We know that happy and healthy employees are more engaged within our business, are more positive in our workplace, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Sonic HealthPlus offers staff members health and wellbeing, financial, and social benefits in combination with career development and training opportunities. We are a leader in occupational healthcare and our priority is to ensure our team members are supported, healthy, and happy while we work together.


Financial benefits

Sonic HealthPlus offers competitive remuneration packages aligned to company and individual performance. With a paid parental leave scheme and salary packaging benefits, we support our employees during all stages of their life both inside and outside of the workplace.

Social benefits

We work hard, but have fun participating in a great range of social events. Social events and fundraisers are held throughout the country and provide staff with the opportunity to raise funds for charities, socialise with work groups, understand cultural diversity, and celebrate company milestones.

Career development

We provide regular opportunities to broaden your knowledge and advance your career. With internal training available through our RTO department, and under the Sonic HealthPlus EA, additional leave provided for external training opportunities, we help to develop your career in areas of interest to you.


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Proudly Australian, Sonic HealthPlus is now the largest provider of corporate medicine in the country.

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Doctor Opportunities

Sonic HealthPlus is a leader in occupational healthcare. In partnership with our parent company, Sonic HealthCare, and the IPN network, we offer our doctors benefits which independent practices find difficult to match.

Our national footprint enables us to provide exposure on all aspects of general practice and occupational health medicine, with professional development and training opportunities within the delivery of specific workplace medicals (Rail, AMSA, DSP and Visa). Our private billing clinics are committed to deliver best-practice patient care which is achievable through our work as a CME approved provider.

Our internal and external training is supported further through mentoring, and working alongside, our experienced industry experts. We have regional medical officers in each state and our Chief Medical Officer Dr Keith Adam, all supporting the development and mentoring of our doctors. Our holistic approach to career development ensures our doctors receive quality client consultations, additional training and mentorship all within an area of clinical interest to the doctor.

With flexible and varying contract lengths, we have options for doctors to perform short term locum work within regional areas. We have a national footprint of clinics and offer doctors the chance to work within some of Australia's most beautiful regions, across all six states. This flexible approach ensures our doctors can tailor their work/life balance to be based within areas, and work within positions, that best suit their lifestyle.

If you are interested in a position with Sonic HealthPlus we offer all prospective doctors the chance to meet clinic managers, area managers and regional medical officers. We see this as an important step in building a successful working relationship together. For more information about how we provide our team with a supportive, healthy and happy workplace with financial, social, health and work/life benefits – visit the 'Sonic HealthPlus as an Employer' page on our website.

Join Sonic HealthPlus’ Government-contracted Doctors Network

Opportunities with Sonic HealthPlus
Sonic HealthPlus is providing Disability Medical Assessments on behalf of the Commonwealth Department of Human Services (DHS). To bolster our existing network of Government-contracted Doctors we are looking for practitioners interested in conducting these assessments.

About the Disability Support Pension
Disability Support Pension (DSP) provides financial support for people who have a permanent, physical, intellectual or psychiatric condition that prevents them from working at least 15 hours a week. A Disability Medical Assessment may be conducted as part of a claim for DSP or as part of a DSP medical eligibility review.

Contact us

Disability Medical Assessments can only be performed by GCDs

About the assessments
Before a customer is referred for a Disability Medical Assessment with a GCD, DHS will complete non-medical eligibility checks (where required). A customer also attends a Job Capacity Assessment (JCA), completed by an allied health professional employed by DHS. A JCA is a comprehensive assessment of the functional impact of a customer’s medical condition on their ability to work.

The Disability Medical Assessment, conducted after a Job Capacity Assessment for some customers, is an independent assessment focusing on the customer’s medical conditions and their functional impact using the Social Security Determination 2011 - Tables for the Assessment of Work Related Impairment for Disability Support Pension (the Impairment Tables).

DHS will use the Disability Medical Assessment, along with other information, to determine a customer’s medical eligibility for DSP. The GCD does not decide whether or not the customer is eligible for DSP.

You will not complete a physical examination of the customer, however, you may ask them to demonstrate activities in line with legislated Impairment Tables, provided it is safe to do so.

You will interview the customer and review the medical evidence provided to form a view on whether the medical condition meets legislated criteria for DSP. You will also use legislated Impairment Tables to assign a rating for the functional impact of the condition.

The GCDs role is not to diagnose a customer’s condition nor to provide any medical advice or treatment to the customer.

The GCD must be independent, ensuring there is no conflict of interest with the customer, e.g. they cannot be the customer’s usual treating doctor nor can they know the customer.

About the support we provide
Practitioners who are interested in performing Disability Medical Assessments, and who meet the criteria below, receive online training to conduct assessments. GCDs also have ongoing access to Sonic HealthPlus Clinical Leads who provide mentoring and practical advice, and who are also available to discuss cases before reports are submitted online to DHS.

To become a GCD, you must have:

  • a current medical practitioner qualification or current qualification to practise as a clinical psychologist
  • full Australian Health Practitioner Registration Authority (AHPRA) registration with no notations, suspensions, or conditions
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance to AHPRA standards
  • no investigations or disciplinary proceedings in Australia or overseas and
  • successfully completed training (via an online portal)

Contact us

If you are interested in joining the Sonic HealthPlus GCD network, please email and one of our operations team members will contact you.

Our Values

At Sonic HealthPlus, we abide by a set of values that inform the way we do business, inspire us to draw strength from each other and enable us to deliver outstanding service to our customers, patients and communities.

Agile and Resourceful

Responsive. Creating solutions.

We are energetic, responsive and proactive in finding solutions.

We understand our business, think logically, take responsibility and act decisively.

We embrace change and readily adapt to new systems and processes.

Energy and Passion

Live and work with vitality and commitment.

We are enthused, empowered and invigorated because we believe in what we do and the difference we make.

We inspire others in the way we conduct ourselves and by sharing our Vision.

We actively encourage a team-based culture and embrace collaboration and different perspectives.

Understanding People

Embrace diversity. Actively listen. Know yourself.

We are respectful of the diversity of cultures, beliefs and individuality which define our working community.

We understand people by actively listening and by demonstrating empathy, tolerance and patience.

We recognise and capitalise on our strengths and develop and learn from each other.

Empowerment and Growth

Creating opportunity. Encouraging initiative.

We encourage and engage in decision-making and know that our opinion is valued.

We accept responsibility for our own actions and work performance.

We recognise that our mistakes are as important to our growth as our success.

We develop business tools designed to enhance our working lives.

We seek to promote and maximise the potential in those around us.


Our people. Our community. Our clients.

We accept challenges and seek to expedite positive outcomes.

We are receptive to the needs and ideas of others in the search for common ground.

We are proactive and turn our intentions into actions.

We take an interest in those around us and seek to understand their priorities.

Celebrate the Journey

Achieve. Discover. Fun.

We enjoy success as a team by encouraging and promoting our achievements.

We reflect on our achievements but stay focused by setting new goals.

We learn continuously, adapting and evolving as an organisation.

We promote fun in the workplace and encourage participation in Sonic HealthPlus organised events and team building activities.