With origins in occupational medicine dating back to the 70’s, we have a wealth of experience in this field and know what clients need.


We work with our clients, both big and small, to identify risks, understand their needs and from that, build out a tailored occupational health program.


Our extensive clinical network means that no matter where you or your workforce are we can support your needs.


Our specialist occupational physicians provide an added layer of support and expertise and are able to support on complex matters, and legislative medical requirements.


With over 300 medical practitioners we have a huge pool of talent and knowledge to draw upon.

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Inner city, regional or remote, regardless of your location, we’re able to deliver medical services and solutions at your worksite.

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COVID and the Holiday Season
Tuesday, 21 Dec 2021

As Christmas approaches, we are moving from the pandemic phase of COVID-19 to what I would term the endemic phase. Governments are now relaxing border restrictions, we are permitted to attend entertainment venues without restriction, and the majority of the population is vaccinated. As a result, we will see an increase in prevalence of disease in the community, although (hopefully) not matched by an increase in serious disease and hospitalisation.

Stress and the End of the Year
Tuesday, 30 Nov 2021

As we come out of lock-downs and approach the festivities to celebrate the close of 2021, it is important to remember to practice mental self-care during this busy period. Remember that it is normal to feel a little stress as the year comes to a close, but it’s important to recognize when you are starting to feel overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressures.

What will the COVID new normal look like?
Thursday, 04 Nov 2021

COVID-19 has impacted our way of life at almost every level.  In the context of work, it has forced us as employers, employees and contractors to adapt our thinking and approach to workplaces and work methods with a view to minimising transmission risk and disruption so as to ensure ongoing productivity.  Here at Sonic HealthPlus, we’re continuing to provide best practice COVID-19 clinical advice, and develop and help implement risk minimisation strategies with and for our clients based on risk averse principles and sound research.

Managing stress for work from home
Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021

An increasing number of those in the workforce who have adopted work-from-home arrangements, during the COVID-19 pandemic, have reported decreased mental wellbeing, and higher stress levels.

2021 Influenza Season Report and a look to 2022
Thursday, 07 Oct 2021

The 2021 season saw a continuation of the historically low influenza levels experienced globally in 2020, due largely to the implementation of government measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Face masks, stay at home orders, hand washing, school closures, reduced travel, and physical distancing were all key factors in reducing the transmission of influenza viruses, record low hospitalisations and influenza-related deaths1.

What is a Medical Review Officer (MRO)?
Monday, 20 Sep 2021

A medical review officer (MRO) is a registered medical practitioner with both knowledge and understanding of drug and alcohol test results and (their interpretation) and substance use disorders.

COVID-19 UPDATE: All persons attending a medical appointment at a Sonic HealthPlus clinic will be required to complete a COVID-19 Triage Assessment form. If you are not vaccinated or fully vaccinated, we will need to undertake a risk assessment, which may include Rapid Antigen Testing.

Please note: Patients who attend for their medical assessment presenting with flu-like symptoms or have recently travelled from a COVID hotspot may be turned away.

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