NSW Coal Mine Workers Order 43

Coal Services Health Monitoring Requirements for the NSW Coal Industry

The re-identification of coal workers pneumoconiosis in 2016, led to a review of the NSW Coal Mine Workers Order 41. The Coal Services Board approved changes to strengthen the Order, changing the health monitoring requirements for NSW coal workers as of the 1 July 2018.

Coal Services Health Monitoring Requirements for Coal Mine Workers Order No. 43 builds on the Order 41 processes and systems established to protect the health and safety of workers in the NSW coal industry.

What’s the difference between Order 41 Medical and Order 43 Medical?

Requirement of a Respiratory FIT-test

Formalisation of reporting standards

An approved and appropriately qualified medical practitioner and registered nurse must perform Order 43 medical assessments.

Increased frequency of chest x-rays to every three years for underground, open cut coal mine workers, including coal workers with a history of dust exposure.

What are the new requirements for chest X-rays?

An order 43 medical increases the frequency of chest x-rays for coal workers as follows:

Pre-employment chest x-rays
  • A pre-employment chest x-ray is required for all workers on entry to the NSW mining industry. Existing workers who are changing roles are not required to undergo a chest x-ray, as long as they can provide an ILO chest x-ray less than three years old.
Periodic chest x-rays
  • Underground coal workers must undergo a chest x-ray every three years or at a shorter interval if indicated in their last medical;
  • Open cut worker involved in the production, processing or maintenance of coal must undergo a chest x-ray every three years or at the interval recommended in their last medical;
  • Workers with a history of hazardous dust exposure must undergo a chest x-ray every three years;
  • Other workers must undergo a chest x-ray every six years.

Introduction of an exit medical assessment

Exit medicals must be offered to all those employees retiring or otherwise ceasing work to ensure that any conditions that may impact on health after exiting the industry are identified, and appropriate actions put in place. The exit medical does not contain a respiratory FIT component.

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