About Us

Sonic HealthPlus is Australia’s leading provider of occupational healthcare and general medical services. Backed by Sonic Healthcare, a top 50 ASX listed company, Sonic HealthPlus is a truly national company with wholly owned clinics operating in metropolitan, regional and remote locations across the country. We boast an extensive array of medical and allied health practitioners and understand the importance of protecting the health and wellbeing of your family and workforce.

With a holistic approach across the full spectrum of healthcare, we offer a wide range of services across our three key service divisions:

  • Clinical Services
  • Site Services
  • Specialised Services

About Us

Sonic HealthPlus is Australia’s leading provider of occupational healthcare and general medical services. Backed by Sonic Healthcare, a top 50 ASX listed company, Sonic HealthPlus is a truly national company with wholly owned clinics operating in metropolitan, regional and remote locations across the country. We boast an extensive array of medical and allied health practitioners and understand the importance of protecting the health and wellbeing of your family and workforce.

With a holistic approach across the full spectrum of healthcare, we offer a wide range of services across our three key service divisions:

  • Clinical Services
  • Site Services
  • Specialised Services

Sonic Healthcare

Sonic Healthcare is one of the world's largest medical diagnostics companies, providing laboratory and radiology services to medical practitioners, hospitals, community health services, and their collective patients.

Sonic operates Australia's largest network of primary care medical centres - Independent Practitioner Network (IPN), as well as Australia’s premier provider of in-clinic, onsite and expeditionary medical services, Sonic HealthPlus.

As an integrated healthcare company with significant Australian and international resources and experience, Sonic’s practices conform to the highest standards and accreditations.

Sonic are world leaders in the delivery of innovative process management models, including high quality, in-house IT systems, providing services to millions of patients each year across the healthcare continuum.

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Sonic Clinical Services

Sonic Clinical Services (SCS) is the primary care division of Sonic Healthcare, bringing together a range of businesses including Sonic HealthPlus that can provide national healthcare services and solutions.

SCS offers a broad spectrum of health services including general practice clinics and after hours GP services, occupational and remote health services, community and home nursing services, primary care research programs, health assessment technologies, hospital avoidance programs and chronic disease management programs.

The SCS network includes premium trusted brands such as IPN Medical Centres, Sonic HealthPlus and Australian Skin Cancer Clinics. We offer a diverse range of practices in metropolitan, regional and rural locations.

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What is Occupational Medicine?

Occupational Medicine is the branch of medicine that focuses on health in the workplace, including the prevention and treatment of injury, illness and disease. Occupational Physicians apply their medical knowledge to the maintenance of good health whilst we work.

As Specialists in workplace health, Occupational Physicians have a broad background not only in general medicine but also in specific workplace health issues including ergonomics and toxicology, translating this knowledge to the tasks performed in the workplace, as well as the environment we work in.

Whilst Occupational Physicians are concerned with the health of individuals, they also work closely with you to get the best outcome for your organisation. Their clinical decision making takes into account the clinical, psycho-social and economic impacts that injury and sickness absences have on the individual as well as on the workplace. They are concerned not only with the health of individuals, but of the working population.

At Sonic HealthPlus our Occupational Physicians underpin our service delivery model. They are supported by a network of Occupational Doctors, who understand the importance of keeping your workforce safe and healthy.

When to use an Occupational Health Clinic

The key advantage of an Occupational Doctor is that they understand the workplace and the health and safety framework you are working within. Lost time at work is estimated to cost the Australian economy over $60 billion a year*. At Sonic HealthPlus, our occupational physicians, doctors and medical professionals work with you and your organisation to minimise the impact of lost time at work due to injury and illness.

Our comprehensive suite of services are geared towards keeping your workforce safe, healthy and productive. We offer employment and health surveillance medicals, audiometry testing, drug and alcohol screening and injury management services in our clinics and onsite at your location. We also have a range of preventative and education services that can be delivered on site or in clinic to support your workforce.

We have a range of doctors and healthcare professionals available to visit your business and discuss your unique requirements and how they affect the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Need an Occupational Doctor?

Call 1300 793 004 or visit our locations page to find your closest medical team.

Clinical Leadership Team

Dr Keith Adam

M.B., B.S., Fellow ACOM, Fellow AFOEM, RACP
Senior Specialist Occupational Physician
Chief Medical Officer

Dr Keith Adam is a Senior Specialist Occupational Physician with Sonic HealthPlus and an Associate Professor of Occupational Medicine with the University of Queensland. Treating and rehabilitating injured workers since 1984, Dr Adam has extensive experience in determining what duties injured workers may be able to perform, and managing return to work programmes.

Dr Adam regularly consults as a Senior Medical Advisor to Yancoal, Curragh Qld Mining, and the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. He was appointed Chief Medical Adviser for Queensland Rail in October 1997, and for Pacific National in 2005. He was involved in the development of a health standard for Queensland Rail employees, which led to further involvement in the development of the first National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers in 2003 and 2004.

More recently, he was invited by the National Transport Commission to participate in a review of that standard, and has also been involved in the development of a national training program for Authorised Health Practitioners in the rail industry.

Dr Craig White

Regional Medical Officer (WA/SA)

Doctor Craig White is a specialist Occupational and Environmental Physician and the State Medical Officer for Sonic HealthPlus in Western Australia.

Having completed a wide-range of post-graduate studies in the fields of occupational medicine, Dr White provides highly specialised advice to clients regarding the effects of work on health and conversely, health on work.

Dr White is a designated Aviation Medical Examiner (CASA) and a Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO). In addition to this, Dr White is a WorkCover approved medical specialist (AMS) and certified as Independent Medical Examiner (IME) by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.

Dr White holds memberships of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine, Australian and New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine and Australasian Medical Review Officers Association.

Dr David Jones

Occupational and Environmental Physician
Regional Medical Officer (QLD/NT)

Dr Jones is an experienced occupational physician, who has been in specialist practice for over 25 years. He is currently an Occupational and Environmental Physician with Sonic HealthPlus, providing a range of consulting services for corporate and government clients. He undertakes independent clinical assessments, fitness for duty assessments, assists in the design and operation of health surveillance programs and provides a wide range of specialist consultancy advice services in the fields of occupational and environmental medicine.

Dr Jones is certified to carry out independent medical examinations for the assessment of permanent disability and to assess individuals and provided advice under Australian and New Zealand Standards with respect to drug and alcohol testing, including giving consultancy advice to employers about organizational policies and management of such cases.

He currently acts as a Senior Medical Adviser to two large Rail Companies. In addition to this, he is a medical expert in hazardous substances health surveillance and consults to organisations involved in major land remediation projects.

Dr Jones is the National Lead Medical Inspector for Seafarers and (now) Chief Medical Adviser to Queensland Rail.

Dr David Cleveland

Occupational Physician Registrar
Regional Medical Officer (North QLD)

Dr Cleveland trained and studied a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in the UK, working in various roles including; Emergency Medicine, Orthopaedics, Cardiology, Psychiatry and Surgery. Qualified as a GP, he then moved to Australia, gaining expertise in occupational medicine. Dr Cleveland began specialist training in Australia to become an Occupational and Environmental Medicine Physician.

Dr Cleveland is a Fellow of the Royal College of Australian General Practitioners (FRACGP) and a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP). He is also an Advanced Trainee – Australian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (Royal Australian College of Physicians) and Registrar Representative on the Australian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) Federal Council of Australia & New Zealand.

His special interests include; Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Research into Dust-related Lung Diseases (Currently a clinical investigator/researcher with the Wesley Hospital Reseach Group looking into Black Lung (CWP)),  Injury Management and Rehabilitation, Health Surveillance Programs – Dust-related, Hazardous Substances, Noise and Skin Cancer Medicine, Surgery and Dermoscopy

Dr Marcus Adonis

National Medical Officer (GP)

Dr Adonis is experienced across a broad range of medicine including general practice, occupational medicine (specifically injury management) and sports medicine. In 2003, Dr Adonis was awarded an Order of Australia for his services to sports medicine. In 1980, he pioneered the first occupational medical clinic in Western Australia.

Dr Adonis uses his expertise in general practice to assist with education and employment of Sonic HealthPlus Doctors throughout the country. Dr Adonis is a member of the WorkCover Medical Board of W.A.

Leadership Team

The Sonic HealthPlus leadership team is comprised of individuals experienced in the development and execution of medical services.

As a team, we bring together a broad set of skills encompassing medical, operational, health and safety, onsite, corporate and financial areas.

The team are based across the country, ensuring our clients have access to the right people at the right time.

Greg Hutchinson

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Hutchinson is the Chief Executive Officer of Sonic HealthPlus and Deputy CEO of Sonic Clinical Services.

Greg started his career in the healthcare industry after graduating with First Class Honours in Physiotherapy in 1989 and working to establish a private chain of clinics throughout Australia.

He was appointed CEO of Prime Health Group in 2007 and charted the company’s growth from six clinics in Perth to a national network of occupational medicine and general practice offerings.

He oversaw a major merger in 2010 to create the company that subsequently became known as Sonic HealthPlus, the largest provider of occupational and community medical services in Australia, with a workforce of over 1100 employees and contractors operating across metropolitan, regional and remote locations in all States and Territories.

In addition to Sonic HealthPlus, Greg is CEO of a number of other entities under the Sonic Clinical Services umbrella, including Sonic Nurse Connect, Australian Skin Cancer Clinics, Ekco Hand Therapy, and Travel Doctor-TMVC.

Jodie Kelly

General Manager Business Systems and Project Delivery

Jodie Kelly focuses on providing direction and strategy for the development of IT Software Systems to support Sonic HealthPlus’ national interests.

Maxine Mincham

General Manager Human Resources and HSE

Maxine is responsible for the development and implementation of effective HR and HSE frameworks, policies and procedures that ensure the Sonic HealthPlus attract, retain, develop and manage a highly engaged work force.

Maxine works with senior management and staff, to identify, develop and implement solutions across a range of HR functions including, workforce planning, managing for performance, employee relations/ industrial relations, organisational restructuring, and organisational development.

Partnering with the business Maxine ensures that all HR & HSE services provided are effective and aligned to the organisation’s strategic business plans.

Chi Hong

General Manager Specialised Services

As the General Manager of Specialised Services, Chi Hong overseas the clinical operations for Sonic HealthPlus and is tasked with managing the national operations of  50+ clinics.

Aisling Hickey

General Manager Clinical Governance

Aisling Hickey is accountable for ensuring quality assurance and integrity of processes and procedures which support the legislative requirements, standards and codes of practice for the General Practice and Occupational Health services delivered by Sonic HealthPlus.