How it works

What is workplace Health and Wellness? These initiatives generate positive behavioural change and promote good lifestyle choices.

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Promoting healthy eating, physical activity and addressing mental health are integral factors to building a positive workplace environment with high levels of performance and productivity.

We employ a range of experienced Workplace Health and Wellness Professionals who are passionate about developing tailored, targeted and meaningful workplace health and wellness programs to improve and protect the health of a workforce. Visit our Health Hub for information and articles around workplace health and wellness.

Government evidence indicates the implementation of these programs generate a workplace culture where people are healthier, happier and enjoy a better work-life balance. 


Within a few months
Improved worker engagement
Improved team cohesiveness
Improved health behaviours 
Improved levels of energy and concentration 
Within one to two years
Improved health status
Improved corporate image/social responsibility
Improved productivity
Indirect cost savings
(job satisfaction, skill retention)
Reduction of stress and poor mental health
With three or more years
Reduced absenteeism
Reduced workplace injuries
Reduced workers’ compensation costs
Savings on employment investment
Reduction in employee risk factors
Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders

*Table sourced from Work Safe Qld

Designing a wellness program for your workplace is the first opening approach we take to ensure you have a tailored program to suit you and your workers.

Need Analysis

If you are reading this section you and your organisation will have by now identified a workplace health and wellness risk or risks which requires attention. By creating wellness initiatives in a workplace your organisation is providing the first important steps to safeguarding your workers health and safety.  

Program Design & Development

Our dedicated team of experts will work with you and your organisation to create the ideal program of services to meet the needs of your business and workforce. By providing a clear outline of your workplaces goals and outcomes to be achieved, Sonic HealthPlus can assist in setting up the scope of your health and wellness targeted programs.

The program may take the form of education and awareness through many different channels - regular assessments, health promotion or coaching for your teams. You will have the option of having these programs delivered at your premises or via webinar.