Pre-Employment Medicals 101
Tuesday, 16 Jan 2024

Pre-employment medicals are comprehensive health examinations commonly used by employers to identify candidates who meet the health and safety requirements of a particular role. We break down the different components of a pre-employment medical and what your candidates can expect once they arrive to our clinics for testing.

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Breathing in Danger: Unveiling the Hazards of Workplace Asbestos
Wednesday, 22 Nov 2023

Long-term undetected asbestos exposure can lead to the development of serious health conditions. Employers can increase worker safety by familiarising themselves with signs and symptoms of asbestos exposure, identifying the most appropriate mitigation strategies and implementing health monitoring programmes.

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Occupational Noise Management vs Screening Audiometry Testing
Thursday, 02 Mar 2023

Hazardous noise in workplaces has the capability to disrupt clear hearing and can make it difficult to hear sounds essential for working safely, such as instructions or warning signals. As an employer, you have a duty of care to exercise due diligence to ensure that your organisation complies with the current Workplace Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

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The purpose of an Executive Health Evaluation and how you may use that as part of your workplace wellness strategy
Wednesday, 30 Mar 2022

Executive Health Evaluations focus on screening participants for health risks and morbidities, creating personalised strategies to reduce or eliminate potential risks. These specialised assessments cater for the unique requirements of management and executive staff, and are designed to identify areas where action may be required and provide education and motivation to enable staff to adopt health and wellness initiatives that fit into their busy schedules.

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