ALERT: If you have a fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath and you have travelled, please contacts us via phone prior to making a booking of visiting any of our clinics.

GP Telehealth Consultations

GP Telehealth Consultations


Need to visit the Doctor, but don’t want to leave home? Sonic HealthPlus is now offering telehealth screening consultations, connecting you with a Sonic HealthPlus GP in your home.

The service is just a like a standard appointment with your GP who will take you through the normal procedures of a GP appointment, ensuring you receive the same quality of service whilst you stay at home.

This service will be bulk billed if the patient meets the Medicare criteria listed below:
- Suspected COVID-19 virus case (has COVID-19 symptoms)
- Over the age of 70
- Currently pregnant
- Has a child less than 12 months old
- Has a chronic illness

If necessary, scripts for medicine and referrals for testing and pathology will be emailed to you after your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below telehealth frequently asked questions from the
Australian Government Department of Health

Will I receive a bill?

These new items are bulk billed, meaning patients will not have an out of pocket cost for these services. You will need to assign the Medicare benefit you would receive to your treating health professional.

What is meant by ‘assignment of benefit’ and how do I assign to my provider?

When a bulk billed service is being provided, you need to agree that your Medicare rebate being paid directly to your healthcare provider. This is known as ‘assignment of benefit’.

A patient assigns their right to a Medicare benefit by signing a completed assignment of benefit form, which is available here.

For these temporary items only, it is acceptable for your treating health professional to document your agreement to assign your benefit in their clinical notes during the consultation and a form is not required.

Can I be prescribed medication via telehealth?

Yes, the medical practitioner can mail or email a prescription to you or your pharmacist.

Can my treating health professional order me a test? (e.g pathology test)

Yes. There is no difference between a video and face-to-face consultation in terms of ordering pathology and diagnostic imaging tests. In practice, the arrangements for these tests could vary between email, fax, or mail.

Do I have a choice if my practitioner suggests a video consultation?

Yes. If a video consultation is suggested and you do not have the necessary technology, you may request to have the service by telephone. Your health professional may also prefer a face to face consultation.

Where can I have a telehealth consultation?

Patients must be located in Australia, eligible for Medicare and not be an admitted patient to a hospital.

Can I choose who will be in the room with me when I have the video consultation?

Yes. Depending on your isolation requirements, you may have support from a friend or family member. This should be discussed with your treating health professional.

Are there special privacy requirements for video consultations?

The same privacy requirements that apply to face to face consultations will apply to video consultation/telephone consultations. Patients should discuss any concerns with their treating health professional.

What if I am asked to pay a co-payment or a fee to the healthcare provider in addition to being bulk billed?

If a service is bulk billed, the healthcare provider accepts the Medicare rebate as full payment; you cannot be charged any other costs such as booking, administration or record keeping fees.

What if the video/phone connection drops out? Do I need to make another appointment?

No, it is the same service; once you have reconnected, you should continue the consultation as normal.

Can I attend more than one consultation in a single day and still be bulk billed?

Yes. You can attend multiple consultations on the same day and by the same medical practitioner, provided the subsequent attendances are not a continuation of the initial or earlier attendances.

I am not sure I have received a quality service via telehealth. What can I do about this?

If you have not received a satisfactory health service, you can:

Where can I find more information?

COVID-19 National Health Plan resources for the public, health professionals and industry are available from the Australian Government Department of Health website.

Please note that the information provided is a general guide only. It is ultimately the responsibility of treating practitioners to use their professional judgment to determine the most clinically appropriate services to provide, and then to ensure that any services billed to Medicare fully meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the legislation.

How to Book an Appointment

Contact your closest GP clinic to book a telehealth appointment with one of our GPs. Some appointments cannot be conducted via telehealth however our friendly reception teams will be able to advise you if your appointment is suitable for a telehealth consultation or not.

You can find a list of your closest clinics here. These appointments will be bulk billed for current Medicare Card holders.

Find a clinic

How to Connect

You have been scheduled to attend a video consultation utilising GP2U.

GP2U is a simple and easy video conferencing platform for use in providing you a way of attending a consultation with our doctor from the comfort of your own home.

Receiving a Telehealth Booking
You will receive your video bookings in 2 ways:
Email Confirmation  |  SMS Text Message

The Email and SMS will both contain a link that looks like the example below:

Get ready for your Telehealth Consult

If you are using a PC or Mac (Google Chrome Only)
  • To run the video conference on your PC or Mac you need to have Google Chrome installed on your device. This can be downloaded and installed at
  • After you have Google chrome installed connecting to a video conference is as easy as clicking on the link available in your email.
  • Once you click on the link a webpage will load. Ensure the page loads in Google Chrome
  • If prompted for authorisation for using the camera and microphone - click allow
If you are using an iPhone or iPad
  • Before the scheduled time of your consult download the GP2U app from the App Store
  • And when completed display as GP2U
  • As a part of your booking you will receive an SMS notification checking on the link available in your email.
  • Click this link on your device and the following screen will appear. Select Open WebRTC Video
If you are using an Android Device
  • Using an Android phone/tablet Go to on the device
  • Click the Get it on Google Play button that will be displayed to go to the play store
  • Click the install button in the play store
  • Once completed, you will have this logo on your phone GP2U
  • Once you have this downloaded onto your phone, you do not need to proceed any further with the GP2U app.
  • As a part of your booking you will receive an SMS notification checking on the link available in your email.

Connecting to your Telehealth Consult

  • At the time of the booking click on the link and you will be connected into the conference room.
  • Select the link in your booking email or SMS. Select Open in GP2U - This time you will see the following screen load.
  • You will be connected to the waiting room awaiting the doctor’s arrival.
  • You will see the doctor in the video screen once the doctor joins the conference.

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