Injury Prevention and Management Services

We offer complete injury management services encompassing prevention, initial treatment, and return to work coordination.

Lost time at work due to workplace injuries is estimated to cost the Australian economy over $28 billion dollars a year1.

On average, a serious workplace injury will result in 5.2 weeks lost time at work.

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Injury Prevention

On average, safe and healthy employees are up to three times more productive than unhealthy employees*.

Current research supports early intervention programs as a vital component in reducing complications and costs associated with workplace injury. Early intervention programs are achieved through engaging the workforce and educating those with the capacity to identify early warning signs.

Our onsite Injury Prevention specialists can work with you to tailor an injury prevention package, aiming to proactively target your inherent manual handling and injury risks. With flexible delivery options including onsite, in clinic and via telehealth platforms, Sonic HealthPlus is your one-stop-shop for you injury prevention requirements.

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Focusing on designing an efficient and productive workspace, ergonomics programs are designed to maximise efficient use of workspaces, optimise postures while performing work tasks and to enable optimal productivity. Our Injury Management specialists can provide ergonomic reviews across three key areas:

  • Workstation
  • Vehicle
  • Symptomatic or specific task or equipment use.

Prior to delivering an ergonomic education session, a Sonic HealthPlus injury management representative will visit your workplace and identify environmental and physical issues that may contribute to, or cause, employee discomfort, pain or injury.


By investing in an injury prevention education session your organisation is investing in its most valuable asset – its people. Our Workplace Health and Wellness team deliver educational sessions to your employees promoting healthy and safe workplace practices.

Completely customisable based on your needs; general topics can include:

  • Healthy Start: Alcohol awareness
  • Substance Abuse: Alcohol awareness, drugs, work and the body
  • Bones and Body: Spinal care and core strength, manual handling and stretching
  • Disease Prevention: Healthy heart, diabetes, preventable cancers and stroke
  • Energy and Fatigue: Food for thought, rest and recovery, exercise for energy, productivity
  • Wellness: Preventing coughs, colds and flu, personal hygiene and health
  • Sun Smart: Sun safety in the workplace, healthy hydration, heat stress, skin cancer
  • Mental Health: Stress management, mental illness, building resilience, identifying and getting help
  • Men’s Health: Personal, mental and physical health, male specific cancers
  • Women’s Health: Personal, mental and physical health, female specific cancers

Our training department provides both non-accredited and nationally recognised training including:

Non Accredited

  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Manual handling and/or ergonomics
  • Personal stress management
  • Wellness in the workplace
  • Warm up for work and/or Stretch Champion

Nationally Recognised Training

  • HLTPAT005 Collect specimen for drugs of abuse testing
  • HLTWHS005 Conduct manual tasks safely
  • CHCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

For further information regarding training, please click here.

Job Task Analysis

Job task analysis (JTA) is an in depth evaluation and analysis of the physical demands specific to one isolated task within the workplace. Each job task receives a comprehensive report highlighting the associated functional demands, hazards, manual handling risks and job suitability with reference to current Australian Manual Handling standards.

JTA’s are an early injury prevention tool enabling a workplace to further understand in detail the physical demands and risks. A compilation of job tasks analysis’s can be used to create your alternative duties register, enabling our doctors to see which tasks an injured worker may be able to conduct when organising a return to work on restricted duties.

Job Role Profile

Job Role Profiling (JRP) highlights the inherent risks associated with one job roles and its tasks. A job role profile documents the environment in which a worker performs daily tasks and categorises each manual task on a hazardous task matrix. The data is then used to create a register (job role dictionary) which outlines specific functional requirements required for each job role.

JRPs can function as a fundamental tool for occupational health and safety, commonly used in return to work cases.

Warm-Up for Work/ Stretch Champions

Warm up for work programs are a preventative strategy implemented to reduce workplace musculoskeletal injuries, fully customisable to your workgroups and job roles. Through interactive education and promotional products, workers gain knowledge into the benefits and “safe” stretching techniques, adopting a proactive culture.

The warm-up program can be targeted to train “stretch champions” within your workplace, though a course providing fundamental knowledge and skills for stretching.

Musculoskeletal Assessments

Musculoskeletal assessments provide an evaluation of a worker’s current musculoskeletal health, mobility and lifting capabilities. Assessments assist in identifying any risks that may impact an employee’s ability to safely perform the inherent physical demand requirements of their job.

Musculoskeletal assessments are conducted by qualified assessors, providing a strong basis for targeted injury prevention programs within your workforce, such as exercise programming and warm-up/stretch programs.

Employment Medicals

Pre-employment and periodic medical assessments assist with managing your company’s occupational health and safety risks by identifying any potential or pre-existing medical issues. Medical assessments are completed by an examining doctor and medical support staff including nurses, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and certified screeners that have are experienced in the occupational health industry.  Click here to find out more information regarding employment medicals.

* Work Safe Australia 2014: Workplace Health and Safety, Business Productivity and Sustainability.

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