Injury Management Services

Sonic HealthPlus offers complete injury management services encompassing prevention, initial treatment, and return to work coordination.

Lost time at work due to workplace injuries is estimated to cost the Australian economy over $28 billion dollars a year1.

On average, a serious workplace injury will result in 5.2 weeks lost time at work.

Injury Management Services

Sonic HealthPlus offers complete injury management services encompassing prevention, initial treatment, and return to work coordination.

Lost time at work due to workplace injuries is estimated to cost the Australian economy over $28 billion dollars a year1.

On average, a serious workplace injury will result in 5.2 weeks lost time at work.

Injury Prevention Programs

On average, safe and healthy employees are up to 3 times more productive than unhealthy employees*.

Current research supports early intervention programs as a vital component in reducing complications and costs associated with workplace injury. Early intervention programs are achieved through engaging the workforce and educating those with the capacity to identify early warning signs.

By investing in an injury prevention education session your organisation is investing in its most valuable asset – its people. The Sonic HealthPlus Health and Wellness team deliver educational sessions to your employees to promote healthy and safe workplace practices.

Completely customisable based on your needs; general topics can include:

  • Healthy Start: Alcohol awareness
  • Substance Abuse: Alcohol awareness, drugs, work and the body
  • Bones and Body: Spinal care and core strength, manual handling and stretching
  • Disease Prevention: Healthy heart, diabetes, preventable cancers and stroke
  • Energy and Fatigue: Food for thought, rest and recovery, exercise for energy, productivity
  • Wellness: Preventing coughs, colds and flu, personal hygiene and health
  • Sun Smart: Sun safety in the workplace, healthy hydration, heat stress, skin cancer
  • Mental Health: Stress management, mental illness, building resilience, identifying and getting help
  • Men’s Health: Personal, mental and physical health, male specific cancers
  • Women’s Health: Personal, mental and physical health, female specific cancers

Focusing on designing an efficient and productive workspace, Sonic HealthPlus’ ergonomics programs are designed to maximise efficient use of workspaces and to enable optimal productivity. Prior to delivering ergonomic education sessions, a Sonic HealthPlus injury management representative visits your workplace and identifies environmental and physical issues that may contribute to, or cause, employee discomfort, pain or injury.

As a registered training organisation, Sonic HealthPlus is qualified to provide a variety of training programs including:

  • Claims Management, Rehabilitation And Return-To-Work Training Programs
  • Drug And Alcohol Collection
  • First Aid
  • Frontline Injury Management For Supervisors
  • Manual Handling
  • Rehabilitation And Return To Work Coordination
  • White Card Certification

Job Role Profile
Job role profiling highlights the inherent risks associated with job roles and its tasks. A job role profile documents the environment in which a worker performs daily tasks and categorises each manual task on a hazardous task matrix. The data is then used to create a register which outlines specific functional requirements required for each job role.

Alternative Duties Register
A variation on the task/job is the development of an alternative duties register that will accommodate the most common restrictions provided on the workers compensation medical certificate.

The alternative duties register provides information on tasks that are available at the workplace which may not be part of the workers usual job description, though are meaningful and productive. The register will assist in reducing lost-time injuries and can be used across the organisation if roles and jobs are similar.

Employment Medicals
Pre-employment and periodic medical assessments assist with managing your company’s occupational health and safety risks by identifying any potential or pre-existing medical issues. Medical assessments conducted through Sonic HealthPlus are completed by an examining doctor and medical support staff including nurses, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and certified screeners that have a number of years’ experience in the occupational health industry.

Tier One: Injury Treatment Services

Sonic HealthPlus offers comprehensive injury management services encompassing prevention, initial treatment, and return to work coordination. Sonic HealthPlus is a one-stop-shop for your organisation’s injury management requirements.

Our clinics are fully equipped with treatment rooms capable of managing most work-related injuries. Injured workers have access to a team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and allied health professionals to ensure an integrated and prompt return to work. For a comprehensive list of clinics providing Injury Management services visit our clinic listing here.

We can now support your injured workers via telehealth platforms.

Injury Treatment Process:

During business hours

  • Call and advise the clinic you are on the way so they can prepare for your arrival. No appointment required.
  • Injured worker attends closest Sonic HealthPlus injury management clinic.
  • An injury management coordinator, supervisor or nominated representative is able to attend the clinic with the injured worker.
  • Injured worker is immediately triaged.
  • Occupational health doctor treats and consults with the injured worker.
  • WorkCover certificates issued in accordance with state and territory legislation.
  • Doctor available to discuss alternative duties with the injured worker and employer.

Outside of business hours

  • Sonic HealthPlus has agreements nationally with local hospitals for after-hours presentations.
  • Injured workers present at your nominated after hours hospital for their initial consultation and certificate.
  • The hospital and treating doctor refer the case back to a Sonic HealthPlus clinic of your choice for ongoing care and management.
Tier Two: Injury Management Services

Our tier two injury management model offers an extended, fully customised approach to your company’s injury prevention, management and return to work needs.

Tier two incorporates all tier one services but also allows you to create a customised injury management package by adding any of our injury management support services.

24/7 Injury Management Advice
Telemedicine is a fast and efficient service providing your business with access to immediate occupational health services without your employees having to leave the worksite.

Sonic HealthPlus has a 24/7 telemedicine injury management service using secure, high definition videoconferencing technology, dedicated to each of your company’s individual work sites.

Company Medical Officer
Sonic HealthPlus can provide a dedicated company medical officer (CMO) on a retainer basis to oversee the health and wellbeing of your organisations employees, and provide ongoing support of your company’s health and safety practices.

Injury Management Advisor
A dedicated injury management advisor provides vital coordination between the client, treating medical team, insurer, and key stakeholders. Working closely with treating physicians, and based within Sonic HealthPlus clinics, the advisor has the ability to liaise with the injury management support team and follow up immediately on urgent matters.

As the focal point of contact for all non-emergency workplace injuries, the main aim of an injury management advisor is to minimise the complexities and complications often associated in dealing with a workplace injury.

Return to Work
A successful and sustained return to work program offers an injured worker a quick, clear pathway back to good health and full duties. Developed by an injury management advisor in consultation with the treating physician, effective return to work programs assist the injured worker by providing a documented framework that encourages active recovery and participation within the workplace during their recovery.

Graduated return to work programs are implemented to ensure the worker can maintain activities of daily living, while consistently improving.

Doctor On-Call
Doctor on call is a 24/7 on-call service that provides quick, over the phone doctor advice offered on a retainer and per call basis.

Your company will have access to a network of Sonic HealthPlus occupational doctors to provide supporting information and action recommendation.

Complex Case Solutions

For more complex and sometimes legal cases where an expert review, report and opinion is required our Specialised Services Unit offers the below options utilising our team of expert occupational and environmental physicians.

Fitness For Work Assessments
Fitness for work assessments identify an injured worker’s ability to safely perform their normal duties, regardless of whether the injury is related to their work or not. The assessment includes a report outlining the tasks the worker can safely perform and what strategies should be implemented to minimise risk.

A Fitness for Duty Assessment is often required when the worker is affected by a medical condition that affects their ability to safely perform their duties.

Medico-Legal Reviews
A medico-legal review is an impartial evaluation of a worker’s ability to complete their standard job requirements after experiencing an injury or illness. The assessment includes an evidence-based report detailing the impact of the injury or illness on the worker’s ability to perform their role. The assessment can be used to make informed decisions regarding their return to work and potential compensation claims.

Suitable Duties Assessment
When a worker has been injured at work the suitable duties assessment determines the duties they are capable of performing safely within the workplace. The assessment includes a report that is based on the workers overall health status and identifies specific tasks that can be completed at work without risk. This is often used to minimise the detrimental effects, both mental and physical, of a workers prolonged absence from the workplace.

Independent Medical Examinations
An independent medical examination (IME) is an impartial, third-party medical assessment of a worker’s injury or illness. This examination includes a report identifying the cause of the injury or illness, the level to which it is work related, the worker’s capacity for employment, and their need for ongoing medical treatment.

An IME is often required when existing information regarding a workplace injury or illness is inadequate, unavailable, inconsistent or determined.

Permanent Impairment Assessment
This assessment determines the level of anatomical and functional loss a worker has experienced due to a workplace injury or illness. The permanent impairment assessment is often used to quantify any financial payments associated with an injury and is compliant with state-based legislation and pre-determined provisions.

Functional Capacity Evaluations
Sonic HealthPlus can provide a range of functional capacity evaluations (FCE) both onsite and within selected clinics.

A Sonic HealthPlus functional assessment is a standardised assessment that objectively measures an individual’s current functional abilities and limitations. This assessment has a particular focus on their ability to meet current or proposed job demands and or job role profile as provided by the client.

An FCE is often required to determine an employee’s fitness following an injury that results in a reduced capability to undertake pre-injury workloads or required duties.

Frequently Asked Questions
Am I required to have an injury management plan at my business?

State legislative requirements represent a minimum standard when it comes to having an injury management plan in place and will demand certain obligations from those involved.

As a minimum an injury management plan should be a document outlining the actions step by step that need to be taken when an injury occurs. The Injury Management plan needs to be made available to employees when requested.

It's never a bad idea to look further than just satisfying the legal minimum standard to ensure that employees are being supported in the best way possible and every chance of a successful return to work is most likely.

State Legislation provides in depth information on the legal requirements in each state. For more information visit your state based provider:

Do we need to worry about injuries if we’re not in a manual industry?

34% of workplace injuries are caused through lifting, pushing, pulling and bending1. However heavy lifting is not the only movement that can cause injuries, with sedentary and repetitive actions also contributing to workplace injuries.

When we talk about injuries in the physical work environment we should first think, "how can we avoid all types injuries?". As we know, prevention is better than a cure.

  2. Safe Work Australia: Australian_work-related_injury_experience_by_sex_and_age_2009-10
What is the benefit in using Sonic HealthPlus' injury management service over using a GP?

Sonic HealthPlus doctors are experienced in occupational medicine and are committed to effective treatment and rehabilitation of work injuries. We recognize the importance of early return to work, and work with employers on suitable duties and a return to work plan for the outset of an injury.

What are the legal requirements as an employer when a worker sustains an injury while at work?

All employers have a duty of care to their employees that are designed to minimise the impact of injury or illness has on the operation of an organisation as well as the management of the injured employee.

Employers have a responsibility to inform workers about what to do if they are injured.

If an injury does occur, an employer needs to make sure;

  • The injured worker immediately receives first aid
  • The incident is recorded as soon as possible
  • The injured worker receives medical attention and is certified for capacity
  • An insurer is notified within 48 hours
  • The injured worker is supported and there is a plan in place for return to work options.
How can I get more information on this service?

For more information in injury management and prevention talk to one of our client partners or email

What are the costs involved in the injury management program?

Sonic HealthPlus offers comprehensive injury management services encompassing prevention, initial treatment, rehabilitation and return to work coordination.

Individual service level agreements and injury management package pricing can be negotiated between your organisation and Sonic HealthPlus based on services required and the level of support your business needs. To help determine pricing options our Client Partner team can contact you to get an insight into your needs and requirements.

Injury Treatment is charged as per each State and Territory workers compensation schedule of rates. For more information visit your state based provider:

Are there costs involved with being a Sonic HealthPlus client?

There is no cost involved to sign up with Sonic HealthPlus as a client.

What happens if I, or the worker, disagree with the doctor’s diagnosis or treatment plan?

Not every situation is straightforward black and white, often the grey area is where complications arise as there are a number of variables that can determine how an injury is managed.

An Independent Medical Examination (IME) is an impartial, third party medical assessment of a workers injury or illness. A report will determine the cause of injury, the level to which it is work related, the capacity for employment and the need for ongoing treatment.

An IME can be very useful in refocusing efforts to ensure the right decisions are being made and all parties are able to work towards the common goal of effective injury management.

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For more information on Injury Management and Prevention, visit our Health Hub page.

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* Work Safe Australia 2014: Workplace Health and Safety, Business Productivity and Sustainability.

1. Work Safe Australia 2014: The Cost of Work-related Injury and Illness for Australian Employers, Workers and the Community: 2012–13

2. RACP: Australian and New Zealand consensus statement on the health benefits of work. Position statement: realizing the health benefits of work.