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We offer flexible testing options to meet your workplace needs and/or requirements. These options take into account different scenarios which may arise in the workplace or your industry has compulsory legislation around Drug and Alcohol Screening. Our screening options are briefly defined below.  Should your requirement be more complex and you have multiple needs, you should make an enquiry.

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On-site Screening

We will provide a collector to visit your workplace to complete the process.

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  1. Call 1300 339 557 to discuss your on-site Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements and book in your session.
  2. We will ensure your program is compliant with Australian Standards and adheres to your Drug and Alcohol policy by confirming the following details prior to coming out to site;
    1. You have a current Drug and Alcohol Policy and understand how to handle any issues on the day such as non-compliance or a non-negative result.
    2. You have selected the testing method that adheres to your Drug and Alcohol policy (Saliva or Urine) or we can guide you to the most appropriate method for your needs.
    3. You have compliant facilities available for testing and they are set up appropriately for the collector ahead of time.
    4. Sonic HealthPlus can offer blanket or random Drug and Alcohol testing based on your policy requirements. Our team can offer assistance in randomising employee selection via the following methods;
      1. Employee Lists Prior to testing, you can send the SHP team your employee list which will be randomised for you and brought by the collector on the day of testing.
      2. On-site Selection After arriving on-site, the collector is able to offer a variety of instant random selection tools. For example, employee’s pick a ball out of bag with those selecting specially marked balls to make themselves available for testing.

Day of your test: the Sonic HealthPlus collector will arrive on-site on the day of testing 15 minutes early to set up in an allocated compliant collection room. Employees to be tested are to present to the testing location to complete paperwork, read donor information sheet and complete the test.

This process can be coordinated with the collector so employees are not waiting around for testing, are processed as quickly as possible and can return to work.

  1. A Urine or Saliva instant test procedure takes approximately 10 minutes to complete per person.
  2. A non-negative instant test result means an initial drug screen has indicated the possible presence of a drug metabolite which requires the sample to be sent for further testing to a NATA accredited laboratory. Please allow an additional 10 minutes to package the sample on-site.
  3. Individual employee reports are available by the end of the day and are provided via email to pre-approved company employees only. Testing summary reports are available on request.
  4. Confirmatory reports for non-negative samples are provided within 24hours of the final results being made available by the laboratory*.
In-clinic Screening

Sonic HealthPlus have clinics located across Australia who can perform screening within the clinic. 

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  1. Call your closest clinic and book in for a drug and alcohol screen.
  2. Arrive at the clinic 15 minutes before the appointment to complete any paper work and read the donor information sheet.
  3. Donor is called to screening room.
  4. A Urine or Saliva collection procedure takes approx. 10-15 min per person to complete.
  5. A Non-Negative result means an initial drug screen has indicated the possible presence of a drug metabolite which requires the sample to be sent for further testing to a NATA accredited laboratory.
  6. An interim result report is provided to the supervisor at the conclusion of the test.
  7. Confirmatory results are provided within 24hrs of final results being made available by the laboratory*.

*Actual Laboratory test turn-around times are dependent on the clinic location and test methodology.

24 hour Screening On-Site

If your workplace requires a worker to be screened due to immediate circumstances, such as an accident, near miss or employee behaviour, you have this option to book one of our screeners for an immediate response.

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24 hour after-Hours and casual drug and alcohol screening programs give companies peace of mind that testing can be completed on-site, at any time. Testing is often required in the following circumstances:

  • On-site accidents that result in injury or property damage
  • Workplace ‘near misses’
  • Suspicion of employees being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

Situations such as on-site accidents or near misses don’t always happen from Monday to Friday and during business hours. Often it is after hours or on the weekend where the need for drug and alcohol testing is highest. To ensure the drug test results accurately reflect the status of the worker at the time of the incident, screening should be completed as soon as possible: 

  1. Call the after-hours line.
  2. Collector calls letting you know they are on their way.
  3. Collector sets up in an allocated room.
  4. A urine or saliva collection procedure takes approx. 10 min per person to complete. A non-negative result means an initial drug test has indicated the possible presence of a drug metabolite which requires the sample to be sent for further testing to a NATA accredited laboratory.
  5. The supervisor will be informed of the Non-Negative outcome with an interim report provided to the supervisor at the end of testing.
  6. The decision as to whether the donor returns to work or is stood down pending the laboratory confirmatory result must be managed by the employer in relation to their company drug and alcohol policy. Individual and/or laboratory confirmatory reports are provided to the employer as soon as the final results are available from the laboratory.