Executive Health

Happy and healthy staff are a business’s greatest asset, being up to three times more productive than unhealthy staff*.

Executive Health

Happy and healthy staff are a business’s greatest asset, being up to three times more productive than unhealthy staff*.

Executive Health Evaluations

In an increasingly competitive global economy, ensuring the health and wellness of staff is critical to the success of any business. Research shows that while managers and professionals have lower rates of injuries and illness, when they do get sick, they have the highest unit cost for work related illness and injuries*.

Executive health evaluation focus on screening participants for health risks and morbidities, creating personalised strategies to reduce or eliminate potential risks.

These specialised assessments cater for the unique requirements of management and executive staff. They are designed to identify areas where action may be required, educating and motivating your employees to adopt health and wellness initiatives that will fit into their busy schedules.

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Work Safe Australia 2014: Workplace health and safety, business productivity and sustainability

Types of Assessments

There are three tiers of executive health evaluations: classic, comprehensive and premium.

Each of these tiers include a comprehensive executive health assessment medical, fitness and lifestyle assessment, evaluation of overall health status and practical advice to ensure long-term health and wellness can be achieved.

Executive health assessments are conducted by Sonic HealthPlus’ team of qualified medical professionals including specially trained doctors, exercise physiologists and clinic staff. The evaluation normally takes 60 to 180 minutes and is carried out in comfortable surroundings by friendly, efficient medical staff who realise time is important to their valued clients. Executive health assessments can be conducted at any of Sonic HealthPlus’ national CBD clinics.

Medical Inclusions

Health Questionnaire
V-Puncture (Pathology collected)
Body composition
Body Mass Index
Body fat %
Waist measurement
Blood pressure
Heart rate
Resting ECG
Sub Maximal VO2 Max 
Cardiovascular disease risk assessment – over 45 years only
Faecal Occult Blood Test – over 50 years only 
Dip stick urine analysis
Depression, Stress and Anxiety analysis (DASS)
Blood sugar
Type 2 diabetes risk assessment
Upper limbs – muscle/joint test 
Lower limbs – muscle/joint test 
Flexibility score 
Abdominal hover test 
Abdominal strength score 
Women only
Physical breast examination awareness and discussion 
Mammogram Awareness Discussion (Over 50) 
Pap Smear Awareness and Discussion 
Thyroid function test (females only)  
Males only
Testicular Cancer discussion and awareness on self-checking protocol 
Skin check
Full body corporate skin check examination 
Lifestyle risk assessment
Smoking status
Alcohol consumption
Physical activity
Nutrition questionnaire
Blood and Lymphatic system
Complete blood count (CBC) FBE 
Total cholesterol
HDL cholesterol
Iron studies 
Vitamin B12  
Fasting lipid profile (Includes Triglycerides, Cholesterol, HDL/LDL)
C- Reactive Protein  

*Please note the Testosterone pathology collection will require a morning collection.

Once an executive health assessment has been completed, the doctor, exercise physiologist and clinic staff will provide the individual with a detailed report, providing advice and recommendations on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


All information obtained during an executive health assessment, including medical history and test results, is strictly confidential and cannot be accessed by anyone outside Sonic HealthPlus.

Written permission from participants is required before releasing information to outside sources, including to the individual’s employer.

Workplace Health and Wellbeing: The Facts

Lost time at work due to workplace injuries is estimated to cost the Australian economy over $28 billion dollars a year.1

Analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that for every dollar a business invests in mental health and wellness initiatives, it receives an average return of $2.30.2

On average, safe and healthy employees are up to three times more productive than unhealthy employees.4

96% of working-age Australians. has at least one chronic disease risk factor such as smoking, physical inactivity, and stress or alcohol consumption.3

Managers and professionals have lower rates of injuries and illness, but when they do get sick, they have the highest unit cost for work-related injuries and illness. $155,200 was the highest unit cost in 2012–13.1


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  4. Work Safe Australia 2014: Workplace Health and Safety, Business Productivity and Sustainability.

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