Preventative Health

Diabetes, heart health, skin cancer, bowl cancer and breast cancer are just some of the diseases that a yearly health check can identify early or even help prevent. A regular health check with your GP can assist in maintaining your health throughout your life. Click the links below to find out the checks critical to each decade for men and women.


Maintaining and updating vaccinations for adults is just as critical as it is for children. The vaccinations you require as an adult will depend on a variety of things including the vaccines you were given as a child, if you intend on travelling overseas, your age and job. Take the time to talk with your GP about the vaccinations you might require to help protect you from preventable diseases.

Flu Vaccinations

The Flu can be difficult to avoid, especially if one family member catches it. One-in-six people will contract the flu in an average year.  Obtaining the flu vaccination, is your best protection. If you do contract the flu you are likely to be ill for fewer days, if at all, throughout the season. Our clinics can vaccinate the whole family.

Skin Screening

With two in three Australian’s being diagnosed with Skin Cancer by the age of 70, it’s important to ensure regular skin checks are undertaken. Our physicians are trained in the diagnoses and management of skin problems including cancers.

Travel Health

With the variety of experiences available in a new destination, exposure to health risks is inevitable whilst travelling overseas. A consultation with an experienced travel health doctor will not only provide up to date information on the necessary immunisations needed for each country or location but also preventative health options, education and information to help keep you healthy during your trip. If you are already on medication, a travel doctor’s expert advice means you travel safely with your existing medication and conditions.  Upon your return, it’s important to visit your travel doctor should you feel unwell, particularly within the following two weeks, as their expertise will ensure you receive relevant medical advice matching the countries you have just explored.