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Respirable Crystalline Silica, Health Surveillance is key
Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018
Crystalline silica dust is easily inhaled deep into the lungs causing irreversible damage. Anyone working in environments with exposure to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) is at risk.
Healthier employees mean a healthier business
Thursday, 04 Oct 2018

Having sick or injured employees is expensive. Research shows that overall health impacts work productivity, and work environments impact an individual’s health — making workplace wellness a highly-complex issue.

Thursday, 13 Oct 2016

As we age our bodies may be prone to developing ‘wear and tear’ diseases. One such common condition is osteoarthritis which occurs in joints such as the knee and hip. Learn more about the symptoms and causes.

Pre-diabetes: what to watch out for
Thursday, 13 Oct 2016

Two hundred and eighty Australians develop diabetes every day. Type two diabetes make up to 85% of all types of diabetes in Australia. Find out how you can check if you are risk of developing diabetes.

Asking ‘Are You O.K?’ on the work site
Thursday, 13 Oct 2016

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They are sobering statistics but every two days in Australia a construction worker commits suicide. Construction workers are six times more likely to die from suicide than through a workplace accident.

Sleep Hygiene: Are you getting enough sleep?
Thursday, 13 Oct 2016

With long hours of work, pushing to meet deadlines, and long hours of commuting, practicing good sleep hygiene is important for managing fatigue. Find out how you can improve your sleep habits.