Having sick or injured employees is expensive.

Latest statistics show that:

  • work-related injury and disease costs the Australian economy $61.8 billion each year
  • absenteeism costs around $7 billion each year
  • presenteeism (attending work but not fully functioning due to medical conditions) costs $26 billion per year

Research shows that overall health impacts work productivity, and work environments impact an individual’s health — making workplace wellness a highly-complex issue.

Unfortunately, many businesses are ill-equipped to offer health and wellness initiatives and programs that have real benefit to employees and the company as a whole. Managing work environments which involve hazardous risks, and other complex worksites can often be put in the ‘too-hard’ basket.

Fortunately, we’re here to take the headache out of keeping your employees healthy and safe, so you can focus on running your business.

Who are we?

Sonic HealthPlus is Australia’s most trusted provider of occupational health and general medicine services. Backed by Sonic Healthcare — one of the world’s largest medical diagnostics companies, and a top ASX listed company — we take a holistic approach across the full spectrum of healthcare.

Our highly-trained and specialised team of medical and allied health practitioners understand how to protect the health and wellbeing of your workforce, while increasing your overall productivity and business performance.

Protecting workers and helping businesses

As leading providers of occupational medicine — the branch of medicine that focuses on health in the workplace (including the prevention and treatment of injury, illness and disease), we offer a comprehensive suite of services to help any organisation.

Clinical services
Our team of medical professionals deliver reliable medical services to clients across Australia. With a team of doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and clinic staff, we provide best-practice services to support the health and wellbeing of both the family and workforce.

Services available include pre-employment medical assessments, injury management, general practice, vaccinations, skin screening, allied health services, corporate travel, hand therapy, Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA medicals), and disability medical assessments.

Site services
We also provide best practice medical services within the premises. Our team of health professionals comprises doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists, exercise physicians and a range of medical and administrative staff. They are specifically trained to understand the complexities of delivering onsite health services, particularly in challenging environments.

Services available include remote health logistics, onsite medical personnel, corporate health and wellness programs, onsite vaccinations, onsite optometry, onsite skin screening, poison permits, injury management and prevention, and first aid.

Specialised services for specific work issues

However, what really sets us apart is our strategic approach to reducing health risks. We understand that some businesses face challenges that are specific to their own industry. Our comprehensive suite of specialised services are designed to help your organisation overcome these issues, so you can continue to keep your workforce safe, and your business profitable.

Our highly trained occupational and environmental physicians, occupational and environmental physician registrars, psychiatrists and psychologists have specific expertise and knowledge of the workplace that many other occupational health providers can’t match.

We can assess how medical conditions, diseases and illness and injury may affect an individual’s ability to function both at work and in normal daily activities. We can also help you recognise and manage health issues which may arise in your workplace.

With expertise in many industries including transport, mining, rail, logistics, seafaring, aviation, emergency services, manufacturing, food processing and construction, our team brings specific skills to sort out diagnostic, causation, management, impairment and work capacity issues.

Managing ‘invisible risks’

Australian employers are legally obliged to demonstrate a ‘duty of care’ by providing employees with a safe work environment. However, this can be difficult, when some workers may be exposed to a myriad of unseen, hazardous substances like toxic vapours, gases, and dust.

Other invisible workplace hazards include crystalline silica, isocyanates, asbestos, acrylamides, solvents, and diesel exhaust. To complicate things further, it’s common for a work site to have multiple risks, as well as other potential health hazards in the form of excessive noise, heat, and vibration.

We’re experts when it comes to understanding the full range of workplace and environmental hazards, associated risks of exposure to hazards, and how each one can cause injury or illness to employees.

If you’re struggling to manage ‘invisible risks’ to your employees, let our Occupational and Environmental Physicians do the hard work for you. They can conduct risk assessments to identify exposures and specific hazardous substances, and then develop suitable protocols for control, monitoring and screening within your business.

Let’s work together

We understand the workplace and the health and safety framework you’re working within, and know how the health and wellbeing of your workforce impacts your business.

We’re committed to providing integrated, cost-effective and high-quality specialist management of the unique issues facing your business, so you can improve the physical, psychological and social health of your workforce, and in return increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and business profitability.

Are you ready to make the change?

Call us today on 1300 793 004 and find out how we can help your workforce.

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