A medical review officer (MRO) is a registered medical practitioner with both knowledge and understanding of drug and alcohol test results and (their interpretation) and substance use disorders.

Not only do they determine the result of the test but serve as a contact point between the employer, donor, collection site and lab, protecting each of their rights in all instances.

The MRO will also be knowledgeable about commonly used over-the-counter drugs and their impact on a test. For example: how one may cause a sample to test lab-positive. 

An organisation must consult an MRO when:

  1. If a confirmatory drug test returns a positive result – to determine if the presence and level of the drug detected by the test could be the result of legitimate medical treatment.
  2. If an employee has failed to give a body sample for testing due to a medical condition, an MRO must review the relevant medical information to confirm the reason is valid.
  3. To determine if the employee is fit to resume performing or being available to perform work after they have been prevented from doing so following a 'suspension event'.

Sonic HealthPlus’ Specialised Services division provides Medical Review Officer (MRO) services for drug and alcohol testing. 

Sonic HealthPlus provides the following MRO services;

  • Drug and Alcohol Risk Management Advice
  • MRO - Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) 
  • MRO Fitness for Duty Assessment (Drug and alcohol) 

MRO’s can provide valuable advice in the development and implementation of a quality drug and alcohol policy for your business.

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