A skin screening appointment at a Sonic HealthPlus clinic will be completed by a specially trained doctor and will take approximately ten minutes depending on your skin type.

The process is as follows:

  1. Doctor will ask you some questions regarding family history, previous excisions, occupation, level of sun exposure and frequency of sun protection.

  2. Doctor will ask you if you have any spots you are worried about.

  3. Doctor will ask you to undress to your underwear and place a gown on if that is your preference.

  4. Doctor will begin systematic approach using a dermatoscope to cover all parts with particular attention to sun exposed areas.

  5. Doctor may lightly palpate each lesion for additional clues.

  6. Doctor will check your liver and lymph nodes (neck, armpits, groin) if following up from a previous melanoma.

  7. Doctor will only examine areas with verbal consent from patient.

Remember to tell your doctor about any lesions of concern in areas that may be hard to see, such as your scalp or those concealed by underwear.

Role of Dermoscopy
Most of our doctors will use a dermatoscope to complete your skin check. This is an important skin diagnostic tool and can enhance diagnostic accuracy.

Clean skin
As the doctor will be required to examine your skin, it’s important that you avoid using sunscreen, moisturiser, make-up, tanning lotion and nail polish on the day of the appointment as it hinders the doctors ability to properly view your skin and lesions.

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