Occupational Health Services

Our clinic specialises in the occupational health needs of our patients – your workforce. As a specialist occupational health clinic we endeavour to provide a high standard of health care delivered by our occupational health team who are passionate in this field of medicine. The occupational health services we tailor to the Bunbury community include:

Injury Management and Prevention
Injured workers have immediate access to a range of medical personnel to ensure an integrated and prompt recovery with optimal outcomes for both the employee and employer. Our doctors work closely with allied health professionals and are experts in treating and returning injured workers back to the workplace as soon as it is safe to do so.

Employment Medicals
Employment medicals are performed to ensure an employee is fit to work in a specific environment. This comprehensive medical ensures the employee can fulfil the requirements of the role and will identify and protect the employee from potentially harmful work environments. Services provided at the Bunbury clinic for pre-employment medicals can include spirometry, audiometry, phlebotomy, musculoskeletal and fitness testing, ECG, drug and alcohol screening.

Drug and Alcohol Testing
Drug and alcohol testing has been shown to improve productivity and help employers support workers who struggle with substance abuse. Sonic HealthPlus Bunbury will provide your company with both laboratory and instant results testing, including clinic and on-site based screening.

Safe and efficient, immunisations are a significant health intervention against preventable disease. Sonic HealthPlus Bunbury provides a range of immunisations including influenza, tetanus and heptatitis. The clinic also provides full Q Fever vaccination programmes.