Occupational Health Services

Sonic HealthPlus Oxley is part of the Sonic HealthPlus group - the largest provider of occupational health services within Australia. Through our network we are able to provide clients with the highest-quality service, provided by our experienced medical personnel. Some of our services include:

Injury management
Injured workers have immediate access to a range of medical personnel to ensure an integrated and prompt recovery with optimal outcomes for both the employee and employer. Our injury management team work closely with allied health professionals and are experts at treating and managing workplace injuries.

Medical Assessments
Medical assessments are completed to ensure an employee is fit to work in a specific environment. This comprehensive medical ensures the employee can fulfil the requirements of the role and will identify and protect the employee from potentially harmful work environments.

Drug and Alcohol Testing
Our NATA accredited drug and alcohol testing has been shown to improve productivity, reduce product and service error rates and help employers support workers who struggle with substance abuse.

Specialised Medicals
Our doctors have completed additional comprehensive training which allows them to perform specialised medicals including:

  • QLD Coal Board Medicals
  • NSW Coal Board Medicals
  • Rail
  • Mt Isa
  • PNG Visa
  • Vaccinations
  • WorkCover
  • DSP
  • AMSA
  • QFever

Ophthalmology Health

Our Oxley Clinic utilises an advanced Slit Lamp Machine to better assess ophthalmology health. This machine allows our doctors to gauge a deeper visual of the human eye to assess any damage or foreign bodies that are present. Our doctors are highly trained in treating eye injuries.

Safe and efficient ways to help prevent the spread of disease; immunisations are a significant health intervention against preventable illnesses. Sonic HealthPlus Oxley provides a range of immunisations including influenza, Q fever, tetanus and hepatitis.

Independent Medical Examinations
Our doctors are registered medical practitioners who provide impartial medical assessments when requested by a worker, worker’s legal representative or insurer.  

Our clinic provides on-site physiotherapy sevices to assist patients in the treatment and management of all occupational health injuries and ailments.

Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
Doctor Maria Wagner has completed additional training in the fundamentals to diagnose and treat skin cancer within our clinic. With the use of a dermatoscope, Dr Wagner is qualified to confidently perform general skin checks, diagnostic procedures, and offers her patients both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for suspicious skin lesions. Dr Wagner has a genuine interest in the management of skin cancer within general practice medicine.

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