Employment Medicals

Employment Medical Assessments are carried out to ensure an employee is fit to work in a specific environment, can fulfil the requirements of a role, can travel overseas and to protect them from potentially harmful work environments.

We offer a range of Employment Medical Assessments including Pre-Employment, Periodic, Specialised and Legislative Medical Assessments.

of working age Australians have at least one chronic disease risk factor such as smoking, physical inactivity, inadequate diet, high blood pressure or alcohol consumption.*

* AIHW, 2010, Risk factors and participation in work.

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Preparing for your Medical Assessment

Sonic HealthPlus has been appointed to provide a medical assessment on behalf of your prospective employer. 

The main purpose of this assessment is to determine your suitability to effectively perform the tasks involved with the role you have applied for and to ensure this can be achieved without risk to yourself or others.

Sonic HealthPlus does not make the final determination about your suitability to be employed. This is at the sole discretion of the prospective employer and Sonic HealthPlus will not know if you have been successful with your proposed employment.

What do I need to bring?
  • Photo identification which must contain full name and date of birth e.g. driver’s license, passport or government issues ID.  Photocopies, emailed versions or photos on a digital device will NOT be accepted. If you do not have suitable identification your appointment may need to rescheduled
  • Prescription glasses or contact lenses if required
  • Hearing Aids (if you wear hearing aids please bring your most recent audiologist report)
  • If you take prescription or labelled medication bring the prescription or labelled medication package
  • Current medical reports for any health conditions you may have
  • Vaccination records if available


How long will the assessment take?

The complexity of the assessment will influence how long it takes.  Below is an indication of how long the assessment may take:

  • Basic medical 1hr
  • Standard medical inc Drug and Alcohol Screen(DAS), Audiometry & Spirometry 1.5 hrs
  • Complex medical inc DAS, Audiometry, Spirometry & Musculoskeletal & Fitness 2 hrs

These timings may vary from clinic to clinic and should an unexpected emergency arrive at the clinic this will take priority over booked appointments

As our clinics perform a variety of medicals requiring different and sometimes complex components, you may not necessarily been seen in the order you arrive.

Whilst in the clinic, should you be waiting more than 20 minutes without notification of the delays, you are welcome to seek assistance from the reception staff.

What do I wear?

We encourage you to wear loose comfortable clothing and closed footwear i.e runners, especially if you have been booked in for a Musculoskeletal assessment.

What to expect on the day of the assessment?

It is recommended that you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time to ensure you have enough time to complete all necessary paperwork required.

Upon arrival you will be asked to present your photo ID and complete a questionnaire related to your medical history. This will included questions about your physical and mental health both current and previous conditions, we encourage you to answer these questions honestly. 

Basic screening for the physical assessment includes; blood pressure, height, weight, vision, urinalysis (this is not a DAS screen), this will be conducted with a nurse or screener. 

The Doctor will review your medical history questionnaire, peripheral vision, oral and ear, respiratory, cardiovascular, abdominal, skin, nervous system and basic musculoskeletal.

During the assessment you may be required to remove items of clothing down to your underwear to allow examining health professional to assess your joints, neck, spine, chest and upper and lower abdomen. This may include examination for hernias or other abnormalities which will require the doctor to palpate your lower abdomen. You may request a gown and/or a chaperone.

Once all services have been completed the results reviewed by the assessing Doctor and a final determination issued to the requestor of the assessment, within 24 – 48 hours.

Preparing for the assessment on the day

Carefully check your confirmation email for the activity(s) you have been booked for, to see if any of the preparations below apply to your assessment. For the best possible outcome we recommend the following preparations:

Audio (AUD)
Audiometry – Hearing Test

Avoid exposure to loud noises such as loud music, riding a motorbike or travelling in an aeroplane for at least 16 hours prior to the test. 

On the day you will be asked to sit inside a booth wearing headphones and to indicate to the screener when you hear variations in sound intensity and pitch, involving thresholds and differing frequencies.

Note:  If you have a cold, or ear wax build up we may not be able to complete the audio on the day and will need to reschedule.

Spiro (SPIRO)
Spirometry – Lung Function Test

Refrain from the following activities prior to testing:

Smoking/vaping/water pipe 1 hour

Consuming alcohol or other intoxicating substances 8 hours. 

Vigorous exercising 1 hour

Avoid wearing tight clothing

This assessment requires you to place a mouthpiece just past your teeth, inhale completely until your lungs are full and then force out the air as fast and hard as possible until your lungs are completely empty. To ensure results are valid, three acceptable and reproducible tests will need to be completed.

Note: You may need more than 3 attempts to achieve the desired result.

Instant or Lab Drug and Alcohol

Urine Drug Screens
You will be asked to provide a urine sample, during which time you may be supervised when providing the sample.

Bring a list of medications both prescription and non-prescription you may have taken in the last 30 days.  

Prior to the DAS you will be asked to remove any jackets, bulky items of clothing and empty your pockets and your belongings securely stored.

Sometimes the results may require confirmatory testing which includes additional paperwork, this doesn’t necessarily mean the result is positive.

Note: Confirmatory testing does incur additional costs.

Breath Alcohol Tests
Avoid eating or drinking approximately 20 minutes prior to the test (this includes chewing gum and water).

Medical Assessment (MA)
Medical Assessment

This is a physical assessment conducted by a nurse or screener and Doctor.

Ensure you provide copies of current reports for any ongoing medical conditions you may have.

Bring your prescription glasses if worn.

Personal examinations such as breast exams, prostate exams etc. are not part of employment medical assessment. 

Musculoskeletal & Fitness Assessment (MUSC or MUSC + FIT)
Musculoskeletal & Fitness Assessment

Avoid rigorous exercise, caffeine and smoking for optimal performance. 

You will be required to undertake a series of exercises to assess, range of motion, flexibility, upper body and core strength, lower limb function, lifting technique and general fitness.

Wear loose comfortable clothing and closed in footwear.

Respiratory Fit Testing (RESPFIT)

Respiratory Fit Testing

It is advised that Clients have a “Clean-Shave Policy”. Candidates presenting for Respiratory Fit Testing with facial hair will be provided with the option to shave prior to the test. However if the offer is declined, then Candidate will still be tested but a disclaimer added to the result sheet indicating that the test was performed on a candidate with facial hair. Results in this instance cannot be relied upon and are for educational purposes only.

Pay on Day – Private Patient

Payment is required on the day of the assessment.  
EFTPOS/Credit card payment is preferred payment method.  If paying by cash, please bring correct change.


Please allow 24 hours' notice (business hours) for appointments that need to be cancelled/rescheduled.  

Non-attendance fees will be charged for missed appointments or late cancellations (less than 24 hours’ notice).

To cancel or reschedule this booking, please contact Sonic HealthPlus Bookings on 1300 763 822 or email bookings@sonichealthplus.com.au for further assistance.

IMPORTANT:  If the appointment was made on your behalf i.e. booked by your recruitment officer, you will need to contact them prior to making any changes to your appointment.

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COVID-19 UPDATE: All persons attending a medical appointment at a Sonic HealthPlus clinic will be required to complete a COVID-19 Triage Assessment form. If you are not vaccinated or fully vaccinated, we will need to undertake a risk assessment, which may include Rapid Antigen Testing.

Please note: Patients who attend for their medical assessment presenting with flu-like symptoms or have recently travelled from a COVID hotspot may be turned away.

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