One of the best ways to avoid poor mental health – such as stress, depression and anxiety, is to take good care of your health on the outside.

Many studies have shown that by participating in simple, regular activities such as swimming, running, walking, cycling or working out at the gym, you can help manage and even prevent mild to moderate forms of mental illness*.

How can it help?

There are a number of reasons that keeping physically fit can help you stay mentally healthy including:

  • Helps lift your mood
  • Helps with a good night’s sleep
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Helps block out negative thoughts and/or distract you from daily worries
  • Helps prevent the feeling of being alone and provides an opportunity to socialise
  • Increases your wellbeing.
Get started

To get started, download our fact sheet below and learn about how to get started and where you can receive help. We have also provided a daily planner to assist you in planning out your weekly activities.

Daily Planner Template Daily Planner Example Outside In Approach Fact Sheet
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