In April 2023, Safe Work Australia released a report on work-related injuries during 2021-22. Key findings from the report found that in this period 3.5% of the working population experienced a work-related injury or illness; 31% of these workers received workers compensation for their injury; and this all resulted in a total loss of 1.9 million weeks of work.

Stopping workplace injury or illness entirely is difficult, but there are key steps your business can put in place to prevent injuries from occurring.

At Sonic HealthPlus, we don’t just manage workplace injuries, but we offer tools and workshops that businesses can implement to ensure their team are safe and knowledgeable about workplace hazards.

Our injury prevention services can be fully customised to your workplace and groups; offering our programs onsite if more convenient.

What workshops we offer:

Manual Handing Awareness

Manual handling tasks are not restricted to only industrial locations as office workers are exposed to manual handling through their day-to-day tasks. This workshop is modelled around the practices of safe manual handling techniques and choices. Attendees will build a clear understanding of how to best engage with manual handling through the delivery of basic anatomy education with interactive activities. We also have a Workstation Assessment workshop (mentioned below) that is more focused on ergonomics which may be better suited for office workers.

Warm up for Work

Warming up for work is key for any workforce to get ready for their days, whether they are sitting at a computer or working in an industrial location. Stretching and moving your body helps with productivity and can be done at any time of the day when you’re feeling unmotivated. This workshop also focuses on the importance of waking up our muscles and joints so they’re ready for when the body makes any sudden, non-calculated movements. Our Injury Prevention team will conduct a physical demonstration in this workshop, guiding workers on safe techniques as an incorrect way of stretching can create its own injury.

Workstation Assessment

Along with the more classic workshops listed above, we also offer workshops specifically for team leaders to then go on and conduct basic reviews in their own workplace. Having an ergonomic workstation is vital to, again, productivity, as well as minimising injuries and hazards. Our workstation assessment workshop teaches the fundamentals to setting up an ergonomic workstation and preventing injuries such as: carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, rotator cuff injuries (shoulder), and lower back pain.

Stretch Champion Training

Not to be confused with our ‘Warm up for Work’ workshop, our Stretch Champion training is more focused on training specific team leaders to then inform their workforce on the safety of stretching to prevent injuries. Our Injury Prevention team will guide your leaders through a comprehensive set of movements and warm up exercises which can be conveyed and demonstrated to their team members. We also can educate your leaders on how to construct your own warm-up sessions which are customisable for your workplace.

If you are interested in signing up to one of our workshops and create a healthy workplace, please submit an enquiry and we will be more than happy to assess you and your team.


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