Workplace Health and Safety: An Analysis of Work-Related Injuries
Monday, 12 Jun 2023

Stopping workplace injury or illness entirely is difficult, but there are key steps your business can put in place to prevent injuries from occurring. At Sonic HealthPlus, we don’t just manage workplace injuries, but we offer tools and workshops that businesses can implement to ensure their team are safe and knowledgeable about workplace hazards.

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ResHealth - Ask the AMA
Tuesday, 14 Mar 2023

On 16 February 2023, we hosted an “Ask the AMA” information session that allowed clients to speak to two of our Appointed Medical Advisors (AMAs), Dr Keith Adam and Dr David Cleveland, about the new QLD Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme (CMWHS) solution, ResHealth.

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Five Ways to Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes
Sunday, 26 Feb 2023

Murray Valley encephalitis (MVE) and Japanese encephalitis (JE) are both rare but potentially fatal mosquito-borne viral diseases. Recent Australian reports of the two serve as a reminder of the importance of avoiding mosquito bites. Here are five ways you can protect yourself and your family from mosquito-borne diseases.

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Legislative Medicals: Release of Information
Thursday, 24 Nov 2022

The collection and release of information is currently very topical across corporate Australia, and we thought it a timely opportunity to explain our obligations as a primary healthcare provider and our role in the release of information. 

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Meet our Chief Medical Officer
Thursday, 13 May 2021

With close to 40 years' experience in treating and rehabilitating injured workers, Dr Keith Adam is a huge asset to the business and importantly, our clients. Watch our short clip to learn more about his role and the value of operating a doctor led model.

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